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  1. Where can I get this design, please of the bully dogs' heads?

    1. diver361


      Sorry, please explain more.

  2. Photo stitch is the perfect option to realize realistic images. The only problem with this technique is the manufacture of such designs, high density and a large number of stitches. Because of this, there are restrictions on the use of designs. It is not recommended for use on thin tissues. Be sure to use tight stabilizers. At least 80 grams per m2. It is also very important to accurately select the color gamut of threads. Only in this case will you get the perfect project. Use color palettes with a large offer of sweat shades and midtones. It is desirable that each thread color contains at least 5-8 color variations of one primary color. For example Robison Anton have 27 green color gradations (light, dark, middle, self...mixed)
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