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  1. Trying to re-enter the world of embroidery. I have a Memory Craft 100001 and in the past it was directly connected to my PC (Windows XP 2002) using a USB A to B cable. Nothing has changed; no updates to either PC or Janome. In my PC I can create and transform designs using Embird 2008, Easy Transfer, or Customizer 1000 Plus. I have access to all my files from before. I prefer Embird; however, I cannot remember how to send designs to my machine. All the info I have found on the web is not it! It was so simple, not multi-stepped. I get windows that say "could not connect with Serial port 5 " ( or 4, or 3, or 2, or 1), when I go to the Input-Output Operations in the Right PAnel of Embird. And other avenues are unsuccessful as well. Should I be able to see my machine as a device when I click on "My Computer" on my PC? The screen on my Janome has the arrow from the machine icon to the PC icon at the bottom of that window, but it never changes to indicate activity. I have no need to update either of these pieces of equipment; I just need them to talk to each other. HELP?
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