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  1. Hi, @kp37! This is a design I created. Anything preprogrammed works fine for me. I tried loosening the top thread. Maybe I should have tightened it? I looked all over the Brother PE software but didn’t see anything about setting tightness as part of the “pattern” that goes to the machine. It’s not super intuitive though. I will google about loosening the bobbin thread too. Thank you for replying!
  2. Hi there! I apologize if I'm repeating but I'm just not sure what I should be searching for in the forums. I'm new to embroidery. All of the preprogrammed items looked great. Once I started trying to use the Brother PE software, this is all I get from them. Is looks like the bobbin thread is coming up? Not my top thread. I'm just not sure what is happened. No matter what fabric I put in there or the setting for fabric, it looks like this. I googled and adjusted the thread tension. I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong. The SVG I made is pretty simple. Not too many points. The running stitch seems to fine. It's just the fill? I've been stepping through the manual but just think I must be missing something obvious. Is there anything anyone can point me to to figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much for any help. EDIT - This is the top of this and I'm just embroidering on backing sheets because I've gone through this 6-7 times now. Running out of spots on test fabric. Will get more test fabric tomorrow. monster-2.pes
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