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  1. Would the hoop size #4, 145 x 140mm be the file number amer2c.pes? Is the higher the alphabet number mean the larger the design file? Thank you.
  2. It has been successfully paid...please proceed and make the logos as requested Design Name: Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U Logos smaller Size in 59 mm Height: Output formats: (Brother PR655) PES. I also need bigger embroidery designs for back jackets and also embroidery designs which can fit in the 300 by 200 frame and any other size that can be digitized for each of the three teams. Please let me know when I should get them. Thanks.
  3. I purchased the Monster Energy Logo embroidery on order number 036054 and inadvertently chose the wrong embroidery file type, I asked for vip & actually need the dst is there any way I can change it now? Thanks for your help
  4. I will now whow can I buy from you, I stay in Kathu Northen Cape. Theirs is a lot of desing I wont to buy from you
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