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  1. it works fine for me but does not work for my customer who is using a hobby machine and does not know how to use a dst file.
  2. Thanks for the response folks. I actually am the creator of the files and use EMB as my source. the problem seems to be when I export as a PES some people cannot load them into PE Design to ship them to their machine. there use to be a how to fix this on these forum but it seems to have disappeared.
  3. Hello all, I have a customer that cannot open my Wilcom Hatch created PES file in their PE Designer 8. I've tried Wilcoms online resizer and it worked twice for me and then I get an exception error. The downloadable verison of truesizer does not work nor does my converting it in PE Designer 10. Can anyone help me figure out how I can either create the file for her or she could fix the file herself please???
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