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  1. I'm looking to purchase an embroidery machine and need some help. What would be the minimum embroidery field size that I would need to be able to create all of the following size logos on a jacket? My Embroidery Logo Sizes: Logo #1A Height: 75.5 mm Width: 283.6 mm Logo #1B Height: 28.8 mm Width 104.0 mm Logo #2A Height: 101.0 mm Width 283.0 mm Logo #2B Height: 37.2 mm Width: 104.1 mm Logo #3A Height: 88.4 mm Width: 280.8 mm Logo #3B Height: 33.3 mm Width 102.1 mm Thank you! David
  2. Thank you for the advice! Do you have any specific single needle 8.5x11 machine options you could recommend or have heard good things about?
  3. Bumping this up to see if anyone can help.
  4. Hello all! I have been tasked to find and purchase an embroidery machine for my workplace .. but I have no idea where to start. I figured this place of passionate people would be a great place to start! My employer is looking to bring their jacket embroidery in house. We use a 4 inch wide logo on the front and an 11 inch wide logo on the back. These logos are colored. Does anyone know any machines that are beginner friendly that would no exceed the $3500 range budget? Would be super grateful for any direction. Thank you!
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