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  1. Hi I'm fairly new to embroidery and have had my fair share of mistakes. I'm embroidering tee shirts which are 180gsm and polo shirts which are 220gsm. The polo shirt material is clearly thicker than the tee shirt material. I have a Brother Innov-is NV800e machine which has all sorts of tweaks such as tension, plate height etc etc. I tend to leave it as it is for everything I do and on occasion things happen that I can't explain other than maybe the machine should have been "tweaked" slightly between one cloth type and another. I also use both tear away and cut away stabiliser depending on how dense the embroidery is in places. Denser patterns will have the cut away stabiliser. I'm therefore reaching out (never typed that before!) to see if anyone can offer any tips for me to try to see if subtle changes can reduce the errors I am getting occasionally. Thank you, in advance, for any helpful advice. SILHOUETTO
  2. I''ll end up with S to XXXL in M and F - six sizes
  3. Hi All - looking to get some polo shirts to do some small embroidery designs. Any suggestions about which type of polo shirt is best for this? Make / brand / material / source info would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Mila - I've found the machine you are referring to - thank you. Now bearing in mind I've never used a sewing machine or embroidery machine in my life is this easy to set up? Does it give me the facility of loading my own designs for embroidery as well? Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm looking to purchase an sewing / embroidery machine that will mainly be used for embroidery. I want to embroidery size of about 3 inches square and I want to be able to load my own designs. I do not need a multitude of colours available. Having looked at the market I see there are many types to choose from so the question as to which one is difficult. I wouldn't say I have a budget because I'd prefer to pay enough to get the right one rather than try to be cheap and hinder the quality and facilities available. Can any offer me any advice or ask further questions to focus me in on a particular machine? Thanks in advance!
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