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  1. Hi PAolo, Unfortunately thickness is an important factor when trying to embroider on a garment. A car mat is way too thick to be embroidered as it is, but there may be a solution if the mat is stitched on either side. The only thing left to do is to undo the stitches so as to make the mat thinner and then ask an embroidery shop if this is enough.
  2. Hey, Excuse my ignorance, what is a POF file? Is it the input format of any digitizing software? I´m asking so I can know if I can help you.
  3. Hey! There is actually not much you can do without an embroidery machine when it comes to learning from scratch. Sure you can watch videos on YouTube on digitizing but this business is all about learning through experience. This said, I would strongly recommend that you get a job in an embroidery shop, even if it offers no pay at first. There is a lot you can learn from simply watching people and machines work. Once you get a grip of this, you can now move on to learning a digitizing software. Hope you luck!
  4. Mudassir is right. Just in case you´re not familiar with the "pull effect", it is always a factor that affects all kinds of materials to a different degree. What´s going on in your hoodie is that the garment is not stable enough to keep the stitches where they are intended to be. To work this out you need to check the "Pull compensation" box and give it a value of about 0.3 mm (that´s what I would do), add 2 or 3 sheets of stabilizer and you´re good to go.
  5. Hey! No, that´s an appliqué, so it´s just kind of a patch. But you can still make it with your embroidery machine! You just need to find that kind of bulky fabric, make a pattern on it with your machine and then move such design to the garment you´re willing to cover.
  6. It would be great if you could upload a picture so we can more easily determine what´s going on.
  7. There is a way you can save such file in .EMB, here it is: Open Wilcom, go to File, then click Open. When the Open windows pops up, make sure to indicate (in the dropdown menu) that you´re looking for .DST files. Then proceed to the folder in which you have you DST file, select it and voilá. Now that you have opened it, go to Save as and select EMB format. As diver361 pointed, the problem is that you will only get a coordinates file, not very useful for modification.
  8. Hi there, Sorry if I´m not clear enough, I´m from Mexico and I have a brother BAS-423. So far this machine has worked wonders for me but lately I´ve come across a problem I can´t get around. Let me explain: The machine is working just fine, it finishes embroidering a color, cuts the thread and, when it´s supposed to bring the needle all the way up in order to make a color change, ONE of the three heads consistently leaves the working needle just in the middle between the garment and the upper position. The needle actually stays IN the presser foot when it should be in the upper posit
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