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  1. looks like some one else has the same problem. Can that ' Kewin' member make some copies and send them to at least 2 of us PLEASE PLEASE. This is what I need, the INSIDE of this or at least the information of the manual, It might have a different cover I suppose.
  2. I have one of these machines. I have a cable from my windows XP computer to the machine. I have to use this through a Virtual Computer on my Windows 10. I have a Wilcom embroidery programme to send the program to the machine. You need to use 'Tajima' file with stitches. Where are you? I could possibly help more but i need a Manual for the machine to check some think out, I've lost the book, have only the cover. I've tried to get one from the Manual providers, but Toyota haven't digitised the 820 and 830, My machine is a 830, with 9 needles. I think the 820 is the 6 needle version. Bu
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