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  1. Thanks for the reply. Really want to learn how to set it up correctly my self so i know when i have issues. Just wondered if the examples i posted looked like good examples. I keep seeing that you should have a 3rd colour, 3rd bobbin and 3rd colour. Which is what i have sort of but just worried as i had to do the tension dials alot on some of them and didnt know if this was normal for a brand new machine.
  2. Hi all. Hope someone can advise. I have recently purchase a 10 needle brother embroidery machine (1050x) and have been figuring out how to do things on it. Complete beginner by the way. I thought i would check the embroidery thread tension and according to the manual the were too loose. I have slowly set them up and want some experienced opinions as i have some of the tension dials on the second to last line and the pre tensioners at half way. I was worried that this was too much and would cause unnecessary wear. Do these thread runs look ok. Thanks
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