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  1. An embroidered pot holder is very useful to protect the hands and makes a kitchen seem lovely. It is heat-resistant that’s why people prefer it. You don’t need to create a complex embroidered design to make your pot holder unique. A simple design can create a flawless effect. Try to use the two different colors for front and back. A contrast color thread looks amazing for decorating the pot holder.
  2. By using a pot holder you cannot even make your kitchen lovely in appearance but it protects your hands from the scalding. For making a pot holder use the two colored fabric, one for the embroidered front and other for the back and it looks natural. But you can choose the same fabric for both parts. First of all stabilize the fabric and then hoop it. Then choose the thread and start the process. You can make any design by using an embroidery machine. Keep in mind that your fabric must be heat resistant.
  3. If you want to give your old clothes a fresh look with the bat sleeves you need to have adhesive interfacing sewing material, blouse pattern, threads, and invisible foot. You should know the exact length of a dress for buying the fabric. Align the fold lines of fabric and t-shirt with each. You can use chalk to tracing the outline. Then take the measurements of the hip, waist, and chest circumference. After stitching, overlock it.
  4. Handmade backpacks have been a unique, trendy, and valued thing for many years. For creating the stylish backpack you have to require a suitable fabric, decoration accessories, and sewing pattern. Enthusiasm and the creative approach make your design beautiful successfully. You need to craft a sewing pattern by taking the measurements of the back center and width of the shoulder. You should select a model of your desire for sewing the backpack. Kids mostly attract the backpack due to its unique style and it will last long also.
  5. While sewing the pants or shorts, beginners can make the mistakes easily in attaching the zipper in the wrong place. You can move the zipper to any other side by using the scissors, needles, threads, spare zipper, zipper foot, and sewing machines. Just remove the unnecessary stitches. You should fold the pieces in pin or half to prevent them from nipping in sewing. Align your garment’s edge with the edge of the zipper and stitch them together.
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