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  1. I am confused. Perhaps, carbon transfer would work
  2. I think your presser foot isn't sliding properly, it is something common when you are handling leather. Try placing a piece of wax paper or parchment paper over the topstitch.
  3. Hi there, Embrilliance Essentials supports Mac. However, I am not sure about its supported file formats. You could visit their website embrilliance.com and find out.
  4. Yes, I too prefer using Embird. It supports most of the machines and files formats.
  5. I assume it is something to do with push and pull affects on your machine.
  6. May be, your client must've used a strong bleach. Check it first, and contact the thread manufacturer.
  7. I think any inkjet printer would do the printing. Use a freeze paper to print and transfer the design to the material.
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