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  1. Could I please have these names in PES please Darshiniy Kanna Suzy J Kalai Saikiran Abhi Radha Jay Kumar Devi Rani Gopal Lachmi Nirmala
  2. The biggest hoop size i have is 6 x 10 inches. so the design needs to me smaller than this. thank you
  3. Hi...I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. I love your site n visit it every day. Again thank you tons for sharing all your free patterns n ideas. You have a big noble heart. I have an embroidery machine n the biggest loop is 6 x 10 inches. But this dragon that I wanted to do is too large. Do you have a smaller oriental dragon for smaller hoop sizes. My machine is Brother PES designs. I hope you can help me. Or is there a way I can still make the big one in the smaller hoop sizes. Thank you for your beautiful work n time. Take care...cheers azara
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