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Found 95 results

  1. From the album: Orfeus project

    Advertising material for Creative Embroidery magazine (Austraila). Presented by Orfeus trademark (Australia Brisbane). Geisha machine embroidery collection

    © Denisov Embroidery studio

  2. You can download full pack STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL here. Software have some limitations max 40000 stitches and contained adverting.
  3. I would love to see different variations of the Dallas Cowboys logo. and would love some sport logos designs to put on our sport bags, t-shirt, caps, etc.
  4. From Kitchen theme machine embroidery collection

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  5. Do you have a Jaguar logo design like the attached pictured, not just an outline of the Jaguar.but the filled animal Jaguar plus the word Jaguar. Thank you
  6. We have a Tajima six head and run Sierra EO for digitizing. I have a floppy with a couple of designs on it that I can't open up. It's from when we first started in the business and had a Barudan FMC six head. I did not digitize these designs I can't open. Does anyone know how to open what I think is a Barudan embroidery design and use it on my Sierra embroidery office software? Barudan is not one of the options on my software. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Hi guys, just wanting to know does Sierra digitizing software work on apple macs? thanks
  8. I was browsing through images to load to practice my digitizing when I noticed the Font folder. I opened it and saw a whole bunch of fonts that I don't have on my drop down menu (baby blanket, beverly, carving, charisma, cola bottle, fine point, humpty dumpty, josephine, rebecca and many more). They all have the extension _fon.pcx. Some of the other fonts that I do have in my drop down menu have this same extension. How can I get these other fonts into my drop down menu so I can use them?
  9. Hi Guys i am having so much trouble with my lock stitches - if possible can i email someone a screen dump showing my problem then see if you know how to correct it. i have used the same technique for years with lock stitching, i recently purchased and 8 head and single head embroidery machine. all the sudden the locking stitches are now jumping out from the embroidery leaving little tails on everything. i am not sure wether this is a setting in the embroidery machine or in the digitizing. any response would be hugely appreciated!! as i am ripping my hair out! thanks
  10. hi there, is there a standard density satin stitched lettering should have when going over the top of a complex fill stitch? when i do say 5-6mm lettering on top of a complex fill, i usually have the density at -.5 to -.6, with the pull comp at approx .12 to .15 - it normally comes out looking great, except where the stain stitch letters have the same angle as the complex fill, causing the lettering to fall away and get lost in the complex fill.making these letters look thinner than the rest. and should there be an underlay on small text when going onto of a complex fill stitch?? i normally use a single line underlay stitch at approx length of 1. to 1.5. can anyone out there help, this is lettering our digitizing and quality down your help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  11. My first post was so successful and so easily fixed my problem I'm inspired to ask another question. (Doing a good job at something only gets you another harder job you know! *grin*) Can the color of the cross hairs when digitizing be changed to something other than black? I'm frequently digitizing black items and when you go to position the cross hairs in the middle of a blob of black you can't see them. It's kind of a PITA. If it's possible..WHERE??? Thanks much!
  12. What is a good recipe to use for microfiber? I have some microfiber golf shirts I need to do and was wondering what was a good recipe to use?
  13. I am digitizing a college sport logo that includes a cowboy on horseback with a giant M in the middle of it. The cowboy and horse have no detail, it's just a filled in outline, one color. Should I put some type of border around the fill stitch area? It would have to be small (thin) so it's not really detectable so it would match their picture. I just think that a fill stitch would look better with a little border but I'm not sure what is the norm. What do you guys normally do with your fill stitch areas? Thanks,
  14. This may seem like a very basic thing but I'm quite new to digitizing. I need a hand with adding stitches. I referenced the video but it did not help. How do I add stitches to an existing segment?
  15. I am digitizing a West Digitizing that is close to 18 inches wide by 16 inches high. Digitizing the whole thing, then break it down into top and bottom files the lower being what I would stitch out first, making the lower section about 12 in and the upper about 6 in, I will put markers in place. My problem is lining the top with the lower in the frame, getting the horizontal and even the vertical should be no problem as that can be achieves by moving the head, but the problem I can visualize is getting them horizontal without having to contlnually having to rehoop it as I am sure this cannot do the material any good. I'm not sure if I have explained this very well Just looking for any hints and tips would be great. Thanks
  16. I've gone blank. How do I move the start and stop beads once they are set in a embroidery design? I was digitizing an outline around a letter and want to move the start and end points to a different side. I know there is a way, I've just forgotten and can't find it in my notes.
  17. I'm trying to digitize a logo that uses a strange font, so I'm digitizing the letters by tracing. I scanned the letterhead and set the jpeg as a backdrop image. How do I stop the backdrop image from disappearing when I zoom in?
  18. Can we do digitizing Chenille lettering on my SWF embroidery machine?
  19. I just updated my software and the software will work in the latest version but if I try to go back and use an older version, the software will not open. I was able to use this version before I updated, why can I not use it now?
  20. I am trying to figure out how to skew or distort segments or groups of segments in version 14 (maestro). I am updating from v9.1 (designer), and am use to just placing my cursor along the edge I want to skew until it turned into an arrow and then left clicking and sliding it until I get the shape I want. This could be done on any of the 4 sides of the segment box. Now, I cannot find how to do this. A simple example would be if I did a horizontal line...just a rectangle, but then I want to slide the right end up while keeping the left side anchored in place. I understand under this scenario that I could move the individual points, but this is a simple item. What if I am doing something like this to a group of segments that might have dozens or hundreds of points. I found the Power Edit option (ctrl + O), but that skew only does left to right skews, not vertical. Also, it skews around the center point of the segment. It does not appear to allow me to leave one side anchored and then slide the opposite side. I frequently need the vertical skew option when digitizing custom lettering that then needs to be placed along an odd curve. I find digitizing the lettering on a straight line allows me to establish good base lines for sizing and adjusting for pull compensation. Then I can slide the letters one at a time into the right position. I have also downloaded V13 since it looks more like the V9.1 I am use to, but it has the same situation on the skewing. The skewing and distorting of segments is something I need to use nearly every day. This leaves me stuck on V9.1 until this can be done. On another point....Is there a way to send suggestions for other features directly to Pulse outside of the Forum posts? I have over 20 years of full time digitizing experience that might help in developing the software.
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