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Found 57 results

  1. This is unusual perspective of embroidered blanket made in traditional girl’s color scheme. It is made of quilted dense cotton fabric. Its surface is decorated with Shy teddy bear embroidery design. It is figure of little Teddy bear girl in cute polka dot dress. It likes to play with its bunny toy. If you like this sample use our Shy teddy bear embroidery design. Author: Bubu craft
  2. This is pretty sleeping set including pillowcase and blanket. Both of them are made of comfortable cotton fabric in quilted technique. Each of them is decorated with Shy teddy bear embroidery design. It is portrait of pretty Teddy bear dressed in cute polka dot dress. It is keeping little bunny toy in its paws. This picture is added by name of set’s owner. Author: Bubu craft
  3. There are two things that are necessary for good sleeping. They are pillowcase and blanket made of same quilted material. It is thick enough to make your child to feel comfortable while sleeping on it. She or he will definitely see good dream because of pretty embroidered picture on each item’s surface. It is Shy teddy bear embroidery design. Author: Bubu craft
  4. This is pretty embroidered set that includes all necessary things for good sleeping of your child. They are not only thick pillowcase and blanket that are able to warm her or him at any weather. Each of these items is decorated with pretty Shy teddy bear embroidery design. Furthermore these things are added by Teddy bear toy to defend rest of your baby while sleeping. Author: Bubu craft
  5. This is pretty set for good sleeping of little child. It includes three items: they are soft little pillow, comfortable sheet and warm light blanket. All of them are decorated with name of its little owner and Unicorn machine embroidery design. It is pretty picture of tale character with beautiful blue eyes, fluffy mane and magic horn on its forehead.
  6. This is complex and elaborated Christmas gift prepared for person which is well known for author. It consist of many big and small components which have to gladden her. It is quite difficult to choose what is main part of this gift. But we may suggest that it is soft plaid decorated with name of its owner. It is also added by expressive Breathtaking look embroidery design execute two times here.
  7. This is nice embroidered set for little girl. It consists of two items: they are warm plaid and little pillow, both made from soft fleece. They also have same sample of design: it is Teddy bear with heart pillow embroidery design. Figure of little bear will remind this girl about love of this set’s author. Embroidered name of items’ owner makes it unique. Blanket and pillow will help this girl to see beautiful and pleasant dreams.
  8. This is the nice blanket for child executed in patchwork style. Some of its patches arte decorated with the cute pictures of Teddy bears. They are Teddy's rainy day machine embroidery design, Shy teddy bear machine embroidery design and some others. The light fabric of these pieces is the great background for the images. One more patch is added by the name of the owner of this nice work piece.
  9. This picture shows the gift fleece plaid for the little girl. The soft surface of the blanket is added by the embroidered picture of little bear wrapped into the pleasant red towel after bathroom. Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design is completed by the name and date of birth of its little owner. The other part of this gift is pretty bear girl dressed in pink clothing with the same name.
  10. This is the sleeping set for little girl made of pleasant soft fleece of gentle pink shade. It includes little pillow and light plaid added by the cotton fabric of light grey color. Each piece of this set is decorated by Teddy bear after shower machine embroidery design. It is the picture of little bear just came out from the bath and wrapped into the fluffy red towel. The extra item of this set is the pretty bear girl in pink dress.
  11. There is the pretty textile set which includes all the necessary things for little owner. They are soft plaid, fleece pillow and the fluffy towel for using after bathing. Each of them has the pastel color which underlines the cuteness of embroidery sample used for this set. It is Chase dog machine embroidery design which shows the figure of the character known due to Blue nose friends cartoon popular among the children.
  12. There is textile gift set decorated by Chase dog machine embroidery design. This embroidery sample is very popular for the bed linen and towels designed for little boys and girls. So it’s not surprising that the author of the set chose this picture for it. The head of Chase dog, one of the cutest characters of Blue nose friends cartoon, is made with blue thread as the name of the owner and other inscriptions.
  13. There is the sleeping kit designed for the little boy which is added by his name. Its back side is made from practical cotton fabric of light turquoise color with small black stars. The front side is from soft fleece of light grey color which will help the little owner to see the good dreams. It is also decorated by Teddy bear in the bathroom machine embroidery design which is executed with the suitable colors.
  14. There is the very stylish sleeping set for the boy who loves racing car. The base of it is the blanket and pillow which have the light grey color. This shade is very gentle so it is good to bring the peaceful dreams. But to make the boy like it we chose Lamborghini free embroidery design for decoration. It is executed in red color which creates the spectacular contrast with the basic tint.
  15. Sweet fairy machine embroidery design is very popular picture for decoration of textile accessories or clothes for girls who love to imagine themselves the little fairies with transparent wings behind their back. This is the good evidence of this sentence: it is nice pink set includes soft blanket, small pillow and terry towel which are decorated by this embroidered picture. Different shades of pink used for it make the sample even more expressive.
  16. This is nice embroidered sleeping set for little boy made with the great taste. The original set consists of two items — soft plaid and pillow made of light grey fleece combined with polka dot fabric of grassy green color. For making it unique and especially pleasant the author added the blanket and pillow by the name of future owner and the picture of Chase dog. Chase dog machine embroidery design is executed in the green color scheme to fit the shade of fabric of this set.
  17. There is the cute set for little girl made of soft pink fleece. It includes light plaid and little pillow — so there are all necessary thing for the sweet dream after lunch or at night. They are decorated with Chase dog machine embroidery design which is executed in unusual color scheme. To make the embroidered picture suitable for the color of this set author chose the pink color for the head of dog.
  18. There is the nice set for the little girl consists of two necessary pieces for good sleeping. They are soft fleece plaid and small pillow of the same material. Both items have the pretty light pink shade and the blanket is also added by grey polka dot cotton fabric. Furthermore they both are decorated with Sweet fairy embroidery design and the name of girl who owns this sleeping set.
  19. This is very nice child’s set which includes all the necessary things for comfortable life. They are soft plaid and small pillow of pleasant fleece and also fluffy terry towel needed after shower. These things have the very nice color scheme consists of light grey and grassy green colors which is added by Chase dog machine embroidery design: the figure of pretty little dog from famous Blue nose friends cartoon.
  20. It is the textile set added with rare boy’s name. There are three items in it: first of them is nice fleece plaid, the second item is soft pillow of gentle grey color and the third one is fluffy white towel. They are united by the tender color scheme consists of white and grey shades and also by Jock embroidery design. These character from Blue nose friends cartoon are well-known for many children.
  21. There is the textile set designed especially for little girl in her beloved pink color. It is garnished with the funny picture of little fairy executed in cartoon manner. Sweet fairy embroidery design is the image of little girl in pink dress with the big flower in her hair. She is looking right and you with her big eyes. It seems she is offering to play a bit in catch-up or hide and seek.
  22. There is the nice gift set for the little girl with beautiful name. It consists of three items in one color scheme wrapped into transparent tape and tied with a violet bow. Each item is garnished with the one picture made with the sample of Teddy Baby with toy machine embroidery design. The images have the different sizes in accordance with the pieces. Teddy bear and its donkey is the nice option to decorate the textile accessory for little child.
  23. There is the textile set for little girl decorated by nice picture and her name. It is composed manually from grey pillow and light blanket and terry towel of gentle pink shade. So Teddy bear I dressed myself machine embroidery design is the very good choice to unite these items and give them one style. This picture shows the little bear sitting on the floor in the clothing fastened with a pin.
  24. There is the set which consists of fleece pillow, soft plaid and terry towel. Blanket and pillow have the gentle light grey color while the towel is made of fabric with intensive turquoise shade. But all of them are united with one embroidery sample: it is Teddy Bear with rattle machine embroidery design. This pretty picture of little bear with its beloved clack will be the very convincing argument for the child to go to bed.
  25. It is the pretty set made for little boy. Its components are light blanket, little fleece pillow and nice terry towel; all of them have the blue color which traditionally uses for boys’ clothes and textile accessories. All three items also have the picture of Teddy bear in the bed. It is still little so it likes to sleep with its favorite toy. Teddy Bear with rattle machine embroidery design will help the child to sleep well.
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