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Found 283 results

  1. Download here Author: Sigrún Jóhannsdóttir‎
  2. Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 4.44 x 7.05'
  3. Version Available formats: dst.


    Size: 8.73 x 11.42'
  4. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 11.10 x 9.69' Author: Zabava
  5. Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 7.24 x 9.09" Author: Zabava
  6. Another design for embroidery from the collection of Teddy bears. For a series of cushion for decorating a children's room. Bouquet for you 2 embroidery design. at photo working process- embroidery design in hoop,
  7. Find the best design for decorating children's things and gifts. Bouquet for you 2 embroidery design
  8. Many people like to get bouquets made of bright wild flowers. But if this bouquet is presented by little cute Teddy Bear it is even more pleasant! You can make sure in it using this Teddy's bouquet embroidery design as the picture for decoration of any thing you plan to give as the gift to your friend or relative. It’s not just the picture — it’s the real symbol of sincerity and best wishes.
  9. Summer is the best season of the year! Do your children think so too? If they like to swim at the river or lake, run at the grass and collect the flowers they will definitely agree with it. Teddy bear also like to do it! On this picture you can see him with small bouquet he made himself. So Teddy's bouquet embroidery design is the good sample for decoration of any summer clothes of your children.
  10. The picture of Teddy Bear is one of the most popular elements for decoration children’s clothes or bag. But you can try to use it in uncommon way to make the extraordinary gift for child birth. On this picture you see Teddy's bouquet embroidery design completed by information about baby’s birth: height, weight, date and time. You can be sure that this gift will pleasure baby’s parents. And when he or she is older they can give it to the addressee.
  11. Teddy bear giving the bouquet of pink flowers collected by him — what can be cuter! This picture is an excellent sample for decoration of any textile thing you plan to give for child’s birthday: it can be clothes, bag, bed linen, towel or something else. Teddy's bouquet embroidery design will always remember to child about fun day of his or her birthday and the kind person who gave this gift!
  12. Summer is still in full swing, but the beginning of the next school year is not far off and you need to prepare the children for school. By the way, the embroidery may come in handy in this case, because you can use it to decorate a backpack, case for pen or bag for shoes. Buy this design here: Teddy Bear with lily embroidery design.
  13. There is quite easy but very attractive idea to make the memorable souvenir for decoration of child room. It is embroidered picture of favorite hero of many children — Teddy Bear which brings the bouquet made by him. This thing is made on smooth white leather which underlines all smallest details of Teddy's bouquet machine embroidery design. Bright contrast between white background and black contour of embroidery makes this accessory spectacular and unusual.
  14. There is the picture of bright textile accessory for the owner who likes intensive colors. The cushion of pink fleece is the background for Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. It is the cute fluffy bear which is bringing the bouquet of many violet flowers for its best friend. It is made in cartoon manner so the pillow invokes pleasant memories of childhood. It is completed with the memorable inscription for the addressee.
  15. This is the cute picture of little Teddy bear which just collected the nice bouquet made from pretty pink and blue flowers. The embroidered sample executed in cartoon manner is the nice option to decorate the clothing or any textile accessories for children. Bouquet for you machine embroidery design can be made with original color scheme or modified option with other shades of flowers or any other elements of the picture.
  16. It is the pretty white terry towel with unusual texture. It is designed for little girl with beautiful name which is embroidered on the surface of this work piece with pink thread. But its main highlight is Bouquet for you machine embroidery design made with threads of intensive bright colors. It is the picture of little Teddy bear with huge bouquet from forest flowers. It is made in cartoon manner beloved by many children.
  17. There is the pretty embroidered picture which shows Teddy bear which is collecting the splendid bouquet from pink and blue flowers. Bouquet for you machine embroidery design on this image is executed for little boy who’s name you may see here too. The embroidery sample is made on very interesting fabric which reminds the cloudy sky in the windy day. It makes this picture look even more fabulous and magic.
  18. This picture shows the close up plan of the work piece made on the base of Shy teddy bear machine embroidery design. The image allows us to carefully examine all the smallest details of this embroidery sample from the little heart fallen from the bouquet to the shade of the bear girl’s fur on its body. The cute character of this embroidered picture is perfectly underlined by the delicate and elegant design of the fabric chosen as background.
  19. This is the cute baby overall decorated with the nice embroidery sample. It was the simple clothing executed from the white knitted fabric. But due to Bouquet for you machine embroidery design it becomes unique work piece made with love for its little owner. The head of little bear holding huge bouquet of pink and blue flowers is added by the name of baby and thematic inscription of blue color.
  20. This is the photo which closely shows work piece made with usage of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. It is the big portrait of little bear which is holding the huge bouquet made from pink and blue forest flowers. The blue color of flowers perfectly combines with the same shade of thread used for inscription around the embroidery sample. It looks like original frame for the picture of the bear.
  21. There is the nice example of usage of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design for decoration of summer baby overall. The simple white color of knitted fabric of this clothing is the nice background for this pretty bright picture. The portrait of little bear is perfectly composed at the surface of overall. It is not too big but enough expressive to be the true highlight of this nice baby clothing.
  22. This is the nice composition prepared for little boy. Its main part is embroidered terry towel with decoration based on Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. On this picture it is added by little pretty details such as blue glass heart, the band with the name and date of birth of the boy and little bottle decorated with blue lace. All these things are executed at the same color scheme so they creates the good ensemble.
  23. This is the close up plan of work piece made with the usage of popular Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. This item is perfectly executed in blue color scheme. The different shades of this color repeat at the background fabric, thread used for the embroidered inscription and some elements of embroidered sample such as flowers in Teddy bear’s bouquet. Together they create the great expressive picture in cartoon style.
  24. This picture shows the fragment of ready work piece made on the base of Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. This pretty embroidered picture is cute enough itself. But here it is added by some little but important details. They are the name of the owner of this item and small textile heart of the suitable blue color. Together they create the good set which is the unique memorable gift for addressee.
  25. There is the fragment of soft terry towel prepared as a gift for little boy. That’s why it is added by his name executed with thread of blue color which usually used for boys. But its main highlight is Bouquet for you machine embroidery design. It is the picture of little bear which prepared the huge bouquet of violet and blue forest flowers for the owner of the work piece.
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