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Found 188 results

  1. Embroidery process. Used Happy embroidery machine and Tiny bear with pony toy design from our Teddy Bears and friend embroidery collection.
  2. Only the embroidery machine has finished its work. The result of her work is still in the hoop. it Tiny bear with pony toy machine embroidery design for newborn gift. embroidered small cushion.
  3. London city sketch embroidery design A new original design of machine embroidery in the style of drawing in pastel pencil. The lines have a slightly chaotic character. The design of medium density allows you to embroider it on any kind of fabric.
  4. In embroidery frame. Right now finished embroidering Shy Teddy Bear machine embroidery design. In the future it will be a napkin for a children's table-a gift.
  5. We embroider. Embroider it. Process of machine embroidery. Use the machine embroidery of Teddy Bear with a bunny toy. This is a design from our machine embroidery library. This will be a gift bag.
  6. Look at photo. Beautiful stitching Teddy bear gardener machine embroidery design.
  7. What is the best way to embroidery on a loopy thick towel? I need the name to be clear and crisp. Thanks.
  8. For this operation used free machine embroidery software My Editor. To show you how to change the size of a machine embroidery design without changing the number of stitches in it, we are going to use this lovely horse’s head. Note the original stitch count in the lower left corner of the window. Find a Scale design icon on the screen left and click on it. You can scale your design in two slightly different ways. The first way is to change the size of a design by X percent: The second is to manually enter the height and width values in cm: Unless the image is skewed in the first place, don’t forget to check the “Keep proportions” box. This way, you’ll only need to change either the height or the width, and the correct aspect ratio will be maintained. Now, press OK. Note that the number of embroidery stitches in the design in both cases stays the same. If you accidentally entered the wrong value, just undo it by pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard. Having made all the alterations, Select File > Save as and store your resized design somewhere on your computer. Keep in mind that it is generally not recommended to scale your embroidery designs by more than 5%. Used Stay Wild machine embroidery design
  9. My computer will NOT connect to my embroidery machine! It was fine last week, came in to use it and it wouldnt let me click on output to machine. I was hoping that my cable went bad so I replaced it. Now it will let me click on the icon, but it doesn't go anywhere and it wont let me click on machine under the tools toolbar. I have even tried deleting and re-installing pulse to no avail. Please Help!!!!!
  10. I am writing with regards to embroidery designs. We have just bought a CEM904 Embroidery Machine, but we are not yet settled with embroidery designs. I would like to ask you for more information on that regard: 1. I saw that you have logos such as football clubs logos, but they seem in small size. We intend to make bed covers, and therefore need much bigger sizes for designs. Do you also offer bigger sizes or is there a way to make them bigger? 2. Do you also sell design software programs, so we can make them ourselves? Please advise. Thank you,
  11. guyasyou

    Bag pattens

    A little of what I have in my electronic library. Maybe it's someone you need. All People Quilt. I us this in my home work. APQ - Easy Breezy Tote APQ - Grab Bags (APQ_QtrlyChal3) APQ - Holiday Gift Bag APQ - Just Bright Mini Messenger Bag APQ - Lazy-Days-Tote APQ - Lunch Sack Gift Bag APQ - Market-Bags APQ - Easy Breezy Tote.pdf APQ - Holiday Gift Bag.pdf APQ - Market-Bags.pdf APQ - Lunch Sack Gift Bag.pdf
  12. I love this Angel in the palm embroidery design but I need a favor. Is it possible to remove the angel wings? I have a friend who is finally expecting their first child after 12 years of trying. This child is a gift of God and so the hand is perfect just not the wings. I am willing to purchase this new pattern.
  13. Hi there I purchased and downloaded some designs on 11/14/2013 and there is one design that is to big to transfer into my machine, it is order number 3567 and it is the monster high logo embroidery pattern , the design name comes up as monst1.pes. Could you please resize this design to fit in a 4x4 hoop, I would need it to be a zipped file format and for pes. Thank you for your time. You can email me the attachment for it to the email address above.
  14. Hi, I have been rocking illustrator hard for a few months now. i have done a handfull of vector designs for t-shirts but i plan on making some kind of logo-ish design for a snapback. for people who have created designs in illustrator that have ended up as embroidery designs on a hat or snapback or similar, are there any general objectives i should be considering in terms of going about it differently than for t-shirt designs? i'm new to this, but i'm guessing there might be some different things to consider, or parameters i should follow when making a design that will end up being threaded vs. printed? any help much appreciated
  15. I am thinjing looking at buying new Tajima Pulse embroidery software. Originally I was looking at version 14 to work with Adobe Illustrator which I already own. When I was contacted by a dealer I was told the Illustrator Extreme is 2900 usd but I would be able to buy verison Maestro for 4800 usd. Keep in mind this is after a trade and discount in. So my questions are as follows. First is it worth the difference to bump up to the Maestro version? Also how good are the conversions from Illustrator vector's file (ai, eps and also corel files) to a embroidery out? Also this soft have the auto digitizing module for bitmaps. (free) value. Also any other materials and opinions would be appreciated.
  16. Original text by: Marina Belova When it comes to machine embroidery, every trifle has its significance, even such thing as embroidery speed. It is clear that we want to embroider faster, therefore we want to increase the speed. But before we do that we should remember what might happen on a very high speed: The pull is greater than planned. The push is greater than planned. There are missing stitches in the beginning. There are gaps between the contours. Thread breakage is present. The delicate fabrics are warped and ruined. I'll say a few words about every one of these. Everything is clear with the first two — the higher the speed is, the more visibly the machine pulls the thread, which effects the look of the embroidery. The missing stitches occur when the machine begins embroidering and the thread 'escapes' from the needle's eye because the point of a hook cannot reach it. A situation like this is equal to the thread breakage, which, as our experience has shown, costs us a lot. Besides, it changes the look of the embroidery to the worse. The gaps between the stitches occur mostly due to the increased pull. One can easily understand why there are more thread breaks — the threads cannot withstand the strain on the high speeds. Besides, on higher speeds the needle deviates from its axis more, which, too, can lead to the thread breakage. As for the warping and ruining of the fabric, my experience has shown me that the main reason for them is the same old pull. In general, embroidery on high speeds causes great stress and nerve strain. I've seen the recommendations to embroider on 550-650 rpm, which I consider questionable, considering what the modern equipment is capable of. But I will agree that the embroidery made on lower speeds looks a lot neater, and that the embroidery process itself is much less painful. Personally I like to embroider on 700 rpm. There is little thread breakage and the productivity is rather good. Though I've seen the results of the embroidery on 950 rpm. Not to speak of Amaya embroidery machines with their fantastic speeds.
  17. I got this awhile back,I have a Brother PE 770,It will not show up on my machine, I thought i was getting a 5x7.Can you tell me if this is larger? anyway to get it in a 5x7? Thanks for any help!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    when you....zip
  19. Original text by: Marina Belova One of these days Lubov Tabunidze puzzled me with her conclusions on the subject of different ways of making of 3D machine embroidery by using From what I've read on the topic in the open sources, I've learned that there seem to be at least 3 different methods of making 3D embroidery design, depending on your preferences. I mean the amount of understitching: The one I described, where there was a large amount of it (edges + zig-zag stitch). Along the edges only. And without any understitching at all. In one source I found a clear explanation on why the second method is the best — because the understitching flattens the 3D Foam and the upper layer of stitches, which is very thick, is not as smooth as you would want it to be. Of course, I'd like to try all of these methods myself, to see with my own eyes, if there is the difference. I embroidered a monogram using a large amount of understitching (on the right) and with minimum amount of it along the edges (on the left): I swept aside the method without understitching for I had found it futile. In the process of embroidering a monogram with minimum understitching: And this is a monogram with a lot of understitching: Here is the end result of the embroidery design: It turned out that a monogram with zig-zag understitching is more flat than the one done with common stitch. Satin columns don't look smooth on zig-zag understitching, the thread begins to twist, and that is very conspicuous and very ugly. As for the 3D Puff perforation, these two techniques are the same — in either case you should make a finish and remove the Puff leftovers. This given the fact that there is quite a task to find a 3D Puff of the same color as the thread: I've only seen white and black on the market. Such are my observations on the technique nowadays.
  20. Original text by: Marina Belova Not very long ago I've noticed a pretty-looking design embroidered on 3D Puff with a metallic thread. And I thought I could do it, too – there is seemingly no difference between embroidery threads, right? After all, in standard embroidery cases the difference is minimal. Nothing of the kind. See, how ugly the result is: At the beginning the embroidery runs smooth, then there are stitches missing, then everything is smooth again. And the reason for these gaps is not that the stitches in different embroidery segments lie in opposing directions and there aren't much overlaps — each of the contours equals one segment, and therefore, all of them are unidirectional. I don't understand what is the problem: the brand or the thread itself? Do I need to change my needle (system, needlepoint, thickness etc.)? Or do I need to change stitch parameters (density, carcass)? Or, perhaps, I should change the filler (3D Puff)? Those who have embroidered on , help me, please!
  21. I have ordered some embroidery patterns from your website on 21-08-2014 and the order no. was 63048. However, one of the patterns which was the lightning Mcqueen embroidery design was much below I expected. I used this on my machine and the finished pattern was not cleared and some parts were even missing.
  22. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I'm wondering if anyone has heard of CAMFive embroidery machines? I have a Brother 6 head industrial machine and I'm looking for a second one but don't want to spend near as much money this time around. A CAMFive 6 head commercial machine is $25,000 compared to the $40,000 that a new Brother is. If anyone knows of them can you, please share your info? Thank you!
  23. View File When you sleep when you....zip Submitter romanesque Submitted 12/18/2015 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
  24. Describe here stabilizer you are using. Help other users make the right choice.
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