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  1. View File Bird present baby free embroidery design Size: 4.79 x 3.29" Cute theme for babies napkins or towels. Embroidered children's clothes are a traditional and practical gift for a young mother. The name of the child and date of birth will make the gift more personal. Easy to change colors. Minimum stabilizer on medium density fabrics. Author: Fatimat Submitter diver361 Submitted 05/07/2019 Category Baby a
  2. Cartoon "Frozen immediately after the release won the hearts of many viewers. Here is one of the interesting embroidery options with cartoon characters. Buy the design Wonderful Elsa embroidery design and Anna and Elsa embroidery design
  3. Bright and quality embroidery the cartoon characters will delight mom and baby; mom because of the quality, the baby because of his favorite hero. Buy this design Eeyore mini machine embroidery design
  4. This is funny embroidered napkin for kitchen which can be also used as potholder or base for hot cup. It is decorated with Monday morning embroidery design. There is sleepy owl which tries to wake up by drinking big cup of coffee and reading morning newspaper. It is wearing home slippers and night cap on its head. Picture is places in wide embroidered framework.
  5. There is the couple of elegant napkins that will compliment any kitchen. It is the set decorated by Owl blend free embroidery design added by the same suitable frame of warm colors. The only different between them is the memorable inscriptions which show that it is the gift from the other country. The owl is made in beautiful manner of gradient when the dark color blends in with the light one.
  6. This is the bright napkin of intensive pink color which is excellent for table setting for child. It is decorated with the picture of funny mouse in blue dress and the bow of the same color. It is sitting on the edge of the green cup with flowers and stirring the sugar by spoon. This Mouse and tea pot machine embroidery design will definitely makes laugh any child who looks at it.
  7. Here you can see the terry napkin decorated with Bottles and flowers machine embroidery design in real conditions: it is lying on the table under the plate with bakery. This embroidery sample with smooth texture is made with just black and white color: so it looks a bit retro. This style of the small yellow gives the pleasant feeling of comfort and coziness for all people sitting at this kitchen together.
  8. The theme of Bottles and flowers machine embroidery design looks classical for kitchen textile at the first glance: you can see two glass bottles in surrounding of splendid roses on the surface of yellow terry napkin. But if you look it a bit more carefully you may see that this picture is not as simple as it seems. Both bottles have the notes inside so they can be not usual kitchen container for oil or wine but the message from far islands.
  9. This embroidered sample for the kitchen napkin is chosen perfectly. The red color of the thread for embroidery corresponds with the color of the napkin’s border and makes the bright contrast with the green background. Furthermore the thin stitches used for Christmas modern ball machine embroidery design underline the rough texture of fabric which creates a sense of naturalness and comfort. So this napkin is really nice option to serve the holiday meal.
  10. It is the fragment of table napkin which has the intensive green background and red border which corresponds with the main color of embroidery sample chosen for decoration. This picture is made with the scheme of Christmas modern ball machine embroidery design but in fact this beautiful and complex image is nice option to serve the holiday meal for any celebration. Its natural colors and expressive texture create the real feeling of home.
  11. On this picture you can see the final stage of making the decoration sample with usage of Christmas modern ball machine embroidery design. It is made with just one red color which makes the spectacular contrast with this intensive green background. At the same time both of these shades are very natural so they look as very harmonious combination. Now we need just iron this napkin and get very nice textile accessory for kitchen.
  12. There is the nice napkin which is suitable for kitchen executed in white and blue color scheme. It has the snowy white background made of simple cotton fabric. Its main highlight is the figure of little cat with huge bow which seems to be looking right at you. It is Kitten with bow embroidery design. The bow on the pet’s neck has the same blue color as the frame of napkin
  13. This embroidered napkin is made with the usage of Kitten with bow machine embroidery design. The sample of kitchen textile accessory aptly shows that this embroidered picture can be made in any color scheme you like. Here it is added by the embroidered frame consists of little pink stars which has the same shade as the cat’s bow. The other addition for main sample is the pink flowers at the bottom of the picture.
  14. Charming design embroidery favorite with all the Disney cartoon "Frozen". A Queen Elsa and her sister Anna. Buy the design Anna and Elsa embroidery design and Frozen logo embroidery design
  15. You want to surprise your kid? Make the embroidery with his favorite cartoon character on his things. Buy the design Zuma embroidery design
  16. Barbie embroidery design is ideal for girls. Because Barbie for many years one of the most beloved dolls of all the girls. Buy the design Barbie with butterflies machine embroidery design
  17. This is practical embroidered napkin for kitchen made from smooth leather. Its texture let easily clean it from occasional drops or stains. But at same time its trendy accessory executed in vintage style. Retro bicycle and coffee embroidery design is more than picture: it is combination of things which are able to create atmosphere. Tasty coffee and comfortable original bicycle — and you start to note beautiful butterflies around you anywhere!
  18. Embroidered napkins and morning coffee ... a good combination for a pleasant morning, is not it? Buy this design Different coffee embroidery design
  19. The centerpiece of any living room is a table. With embroidered tablecloths or napkins any table will look elegant. Buy this design Coffee cup machine embroidery design and Coffee heart machine embroidery design
  20. You can not determine the choice of gift for the holidays? Pay attention to the small napkins-souvenirs. This is a very cute gift. Buy this design Coffee cup machine embroidery design and Coffee heart machine embroidery design
  21. If your child is interested in trains, then present him a napkin embroidered with the train, it will be him very nice. Buy the design Thomas the Tank Engine embroidery design
  22. There is a very special charm at Monster High. Look on different design options featuring symbols of the cartoon. Buy the design Monster High Frankie Stein embroidery design, and Draculaura in love embroidery design, and Monster High logo machine embroidery design
  23. Embroidery with Frankie Stein suit any girl who follows fashion. Buy the design Monster High Frankie Stein embroidery design
  24. When selecting the embroidery on children's things do not forget to be guided by the interests of the child. Kids love when their clothes are embroidered with the characters of cartoons. Buy the design Doc McStuffins and Lambie embroidery design
  25. Embroidery will help to decorate any things and make it interesting for the child. On our site you can find a huge amount of embroidery options. Buy the design Doc McStuffins machine embroidery design
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