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Found 349 results

  1. This is pretty Christmas embroidered picture which is able to embellish any work piece. Please pay your attention on background: it is not usual fabric but artificial leather. It means that you may use wide variety of materials to realize your ideas. Christmas Snowmen free embroidery design is good sample for souvenirs and accessories prepared for Christmas and New Year holidays.
  2. This is close up photo which shows us front sides of nice embroidered tubes. They are made from dense textile and decorated with different figures of cartoon animals. Ann-kristin Kristoffersen, author of these work pieces, used Adorable kitten embroidery design, Cat sings Christmas carols embroidery design and Cocoa for bunny embroidery design some other samples. Together they create pretty and original set which gives merry Christmas mood for everybody.
  3. There is original set made by Ann-kristin Kristoffersen. It consists of four embroidered tubes made from dense quilted fabric. Each of them is decorated with different pictures of cute cartoon animas. They are Adorable kitten embroidery design, Cat sings Christmas carols embroidery design and others. Every work piece also has convenient handle which allows to hang it. Use it to keep little necessary things or to pack holiday gifts for your friends. Also used Cocoa for bunny embroidery design
  4. This is two pretty textile souvenir executed in Christmas style. They are figures of Santa Claus and Snowmaiden made on textile cones with embroidery. To make these work pieces you can use our samples: and
  5. This is beautiful composition on winter theme which is beautiful enough to be postcard. It is made from two textile figures made with embroidery standing on mat with thematic picture. You also can create such souvenir using Santa Claus cross stitch free embroidery design and Snow Maiden cross stitch free embroidery design. This sample has to be applied on cone from dense fabric. You may use it yourself or give to your friend as Christmas gift.
  6. There are two pretty embroidered souvenir made in Christmas style. Both of them are textile cones embellished by original embroidery scheme. One in foreground is Santa Claus cross stitch free embroidery design. These original work pieces can be good gift for Christmas and New Year holidays for your friends or beloved relatives. You also can use it yourself as toys for Christmas tree or decoration serving.
  7. This picture shows nice and useful scarf which is necessary thing for persons living in countries with continental climate. It can protect you of wind, warm you in cold weather and even cover your shoulders if there is too much sun. It also can be good gift for Christmas and New Year because of Red Christmas dwarf free embroidery design. This funny figure makes work piece original and memorable.
  8. This is embroidered Christmas sock decorated with fluffy fur border. Its top is added by embroidered picture of main hero of Christmas — Santa Claus. Santa Claus photo stitch free embroidery design by Pete Creffield is the portrait of magic granddad with all his specific features including red cap, white beard and mustache and the blush in his cheeks. Santa Claus is depicted with a little bird in a striped cap: they are ready to meet Christmas.
  9. You have already started the preparations for the New Year holidays? Now is the time! We have already prepared new designs with a Christmas theme for you. Buy this design Christmas owls embroidery design 5
  10. This is good example of pretty Christmas souvenir made without usual attributes. But stars on background’s fabric and Christmas on the North Pole embroidery design are definite symbols of future holiday. Look at picture of this cute fluffy bear: it wears warm scarf waiting for cold weather and keeping little gift for its friend waiting for upcoming Christmas.
  11. This is nice Christmas work piece which has very well elaborated design. It includes impressive fabric with thematic pictures, pretty lace as border and Cute Christmas deer embroidery design as center of composition. All these things are added by suitable inscription with wishes of happy holiday. Together they create good souvenir which can be used as Christmas gift for your friend.
  12. This embroidery sample shows the pretty winter bullfinch with red chest. Bullfinch embroidery design is the good choice for those masters who want to create the Christmas mood for their family and friends by using it for decoration of home textile. This picture is not so obvious as for example portrait of Santa Claus or the image of Christmas tree. But at the same time it can make the feeling of celebration very well.
  13. There is the nice embroidery sample which shows three merry dwarves dressed in winter style. Each of them has his own nice cap and each of these caps has its own color: they are blue with stripes, red and green polka dot. The little men at Dwarves embroidery design are ready to meet Christmas: they combed their fluffy beards and one of them already prepared the gift for his friend. The dwarves’ figures look very brightly on the dark background.
  14. There is the fragment of Bullfinch embroidery design. It shows the head of the true symbol of the winter — bullfinch with bright red chest and little beak which closed its eyes. It wears the read warm cap on its head and the scarf of the same color on its neck. The manner of small stitches on this embroidery sample conveys the texture of fluffy pompon and plumage of the bullfinch.
  15. This image shows the process of work under the Christmas embroidery sample. Its main element is Bullfinch embroidery design. This picture can be used for decoration of interior textile accessories such as napkins or tablecloth. Here it is added by the embroidered branches of rowan with many berries on them. The whole sample is also completed by the good wishes of merry Christmas and happy New Year at the top part.
  16. On this picture you may see the final stage of the process of creating the embroidered picture based on the scheme of Dwarf embroidery design. Its main component is merry little dwarf with fluffy beard in all his growth. He wears the winter clothes such as warm cap and mittens. There is the bright lamp in his hands which is lighting the dark night around. The work on this work piece is already finished. Also used Robin on branch of holly embroidery design
  17. There is the funny winter embroidery sample which can be perfectly suitable for decoration of textile souvenirs for Christmas or New Year. Here you may see the scared snowman which is ready to melt in the cup of hot cocoa. But judging on the inscription below it is better for him that to freeze at the winter. Hot Cocoa with snowball embroidery design is used here for decoration of kitchen towel.
  18. This is the nice little textile basket which can be used as the box for some little accessories. It is decorated with Dwarf embroidery design which reminds about the favorite winter holidays — New Year and Christmas. The warm color scheme of embroidery sample perfectly with the colors of main background and the border at the top of work piece. The last detail which makes this item completed is polka dot on the border’s fabric and dwarf’s cap.
  19. This is the funny picture which hasn’t traditional Christmas attributes but perfectly creates the nice winter mood. There is Baby owl with heart embroidery design funny little owl with the big red heart is sitting under the going snow. Pay your special attention for the choice of the fabric which is used as the background for this embroidery sample. Its ornament definitely looks like the branches of big trees in snowy New Year forest.
  20. On this picture you may compare two ways of execution of bird's portrait: Baby owl with heart embroidery design and Baby owl with heart embroidery design. Both of them has the figure of funny owl in warm winter cap and scarf, big red heart and little bird sitting on it. But the image at the top is executed directly on the background fabric while the picture at the bottom has its own embroidered background. You may choose the option which you like more.
  21. This picture shows the close up plan of Snowman in love embroidery design. It is executed on the velvet surface of Christmas sock which used traditional festive red and white colors. This image allows us to carefully examine all the smallest details of technique used for this embroidery sample. The different directions of stitches perfectly shows the structure of Christmas tree’s needles and knitted texture of snowman’s cap, scarf and mittens.
  22. This is the pretty Christmas sock executed in traditional festive color scheme based on red and white colors. But its main decoration is the figure of merry snowman in blue winter accessories. It wears knitted cap, scarf and mittens and keeping fluffy Christmas tree in its hands. Snowman in love embroidery design on this work piece is executed in special technique with stitches of many different directions. They create the unique texture of the embroidery sample.
  23. This picture is the fragment of work piece made with the usage of Deer's date embroidery design. It shows the figure of merry little deer dressed in winter style. Its neck is wrapped into the warm scarf of green and white colors decorated with small hearts. The same hearts are on its branchy horns. The fluffy white terry surface of this picture’s background reminds the field of clean snow.
  24. There is the pretty winter style picture. It shows the cute bunny which try to get warm after the long walk at the winter forest. It wears warm cap with big white pompon, nice scarf and comfortable mittens. There is the huge cup of hot cocoa in its paws. Cocoa for bunny embroidery design is executed in beautiful color scheme based on intensive but natural shades of colors from green to pink.
  25. Original interior is born when we bring something special to it - vintage watches, designer curtains, stylish photo frames, porcelain figurines or decorative pillows decorated with original embroidery. Buy these designs Dwarf embroidery design 2, Dwarf embroidery design, Dwarves embroidery design
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