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Found 16 results

  1. Hop into Easter with a Charming Cotton Bag Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a delightful cotton bag adorned with a Happy easter bunny ears paws embroidery design? Picture this: a soft, durable cotton bag in your hands, its fabric alive with vibrant colors and the cheerful spirit of Easter, thanks to an enchanting embroidery design featuring bunnies, eggs, and spring flowers. It's not just a bag; it's a bundle of Easter joy that you can carry around! A Canvas of Creativity and Sustainability Cotton bags are loved for their eco-friendliness, but they're also the perfect canvas for expressing creativity. Imagine transforming a simple cotton bag into an Easter masterpiece, with threads weaving in and out to form adorable bunnies or intricate patterns of Easter eggs. Each stitch adds character, turning the bag into a personal piece of art that's not just practical but also a conversation starter. Perfect for Every Bunny Whether you're on an Easter egg hunt, carrying treats for a family gathering, or just in need of a cheerful accessory for your spring outings, this cotton bag has got you covered. Its sturdy fabric can hold your goodies securely, while the Happy Easter embroidery brings a smile to everyone's face. It's the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of Easter charm to their daily routine. An Egg-citing Way to Celebrate This Easter, let's make sustainability and style go hand in hand with an embroidered cotton bag. It's a choice that not only celebrates the season but also the planet. So, hop on the bandwagon and make your Easter egg-stra special with a bag that's not just for the holiday but a year-round reminder of the joy and renewal that Easter brings.
  2. I went to customer's shop over the Holidays and he expressed concern that he was having quite a few thread breaks and other issues of late in his shop, I wanted to see why, the designs he has run worked for previously on his equipment and he mentions he having a lot of issues now. I got there and he said they added the screen printing business several months ago to their shop and the printing press is very close to the embroidery area. I said this is a problem.. If it's not causing you issues now it will down the road. When you screen print you often use a lot of aerosol and chemicals which also put a film on items in the environment. I took a look at the machine and the threads on the wall and they all had a film on it. I told him he was treading on disaster, the environment is and will impact his embroidery machine. Environment in machine embroidery The environment for any embroidery machine should be as clean as possible as the needles and threads are very delicate. You should be cleaning the machines, tables, and threads areas often as dust will build up in the area and impact your materials, and possibly your garments. I suggest that you keep the thread in boxes, or clear containers this will help minimize the dust on the threads. Did you know dust on the threads can cause tension issues, gumming up the top threading mechanism, dust can cause thread breaks and even broken needles if the particle is too large for the eye of the needle. Your machine area should also be cleaned regularly, this means wiping it down, oiling the machine, and making sure it's a clean environment. This will go a long way to helping your machine run smoothly. Embroidery threads Depending on the type of thread, and size of thread you use this could also effect your embroidering experience, Most shops use polyester thread and its more durable and generally easier to use. It's a bit stronger than cotton threads and sometimes cheaper. The average thread types for most shops is 40wt this is the most common size, If you do a lot of small detail or letters you may have 50wt or 60wt thread on hand, if so you will need to be able to change the tension on your machine to accommodate the change, same goes if you use 20wt or 30wt thread you will need to be able to change your tension. Tension Everyone needs to know how to adjust their machines but their is a simple test to check the machine, make a column stitch with no underlay or compensation for each needle of your machine, the columns should be a quarter inch thick and each column should be a different color, then sew each column out, flip it over and look at the image below and gauge the tension of each needle. Now its good leave it alone, if its too tight, loosen it with a quarter turn, if its too loose tighten it with a quarter turn. LEFT LOOSY, RIGHTY TIGHTY is the easiest way to remember your tension guides. Check your machine manual for adjusting the thread on the machine as each machine may be a bit different. Metallic machine embroidery threads When working with metallic threads you will also need to loosen your tension as they need a little more give as they often have a fleck embedded in the twine and it doesn't have the same give as a polyester thread. Use the above guide to set your tension for specialty threads. Needles When on customer sites I often ask them when the last time they change their needles, and I often get that they break,, A needle can drastically effect the clarity of your work, as well as the sharpness of the design, a dull needle will often tear through the fabric instead of spreading the fibers, this can affect quality, thread breaks, and more, There are also different tips of the needles, different sizes, and different size holes, which all can impact using threads. Important Points to Remember Needles DO NOT last forever, they should be replaced approximately every 8 hours The eye of the needle should be 40% larger than the diameter of the thread When going to a larger size of thread, a larger needle should be used Use the appropriate needle for the type of fabric being sewn When using metallic thread use a larger-eyed needle TROUBLESHOOTING NEEDLE ISSUES UPPER THREAD BREAKS Check the upper thread path, tension is incorrect or replace the needle BOBBIN THREAD BREAKS Replace bobbin, check bobbin tension, check upper thread path SKIPPED STITCHES Check upper thread path, change needle, do tension test, check the size of needle FRAYED STITCHES Eye of the need clogged or too small, upper thread caught check path, remove a meter of thread, THREADS LOOSE ON BOBBIN SIDE This is often caused by poor tension or improperly sequenced upper thread path. BOBBIN THREAD SHOWING ON TOP This can occur if the bobbin tension is too tight compared to the upper tension, check bobbin tension and upper tension using the tension test. FABRIC PUCKERING A design that puckers the fabric can be caused by being poorly digitized, the fabric as nylon tends to pucker, and or can be caused by wrong tension usually too tight of an upper thread tension. Check bobbin tension and make sure you're using the right backing for the material. NEEDLE SIZES Here is a chart of what size of needles work with the different threads.. OVERVIEW A clean shop and work area will help you and your machine, testing the tension on a regular basis will also help tabs on it to avoid disasters on jobs. If you have not changed your needles and you do a lot of embroidery starting up the New Year you may want to replace them all.
  3. Embroidering the Angry Pirate Spirit Embroidery enthusiasts often seek designs that are not just visually appealing but also narrate a story or embody a bold personality. The Angry pirate's skull 3 embroidery design does just that, encapsulating the rebellious and adventurous spirit of pirates. However, bringing this intricate design to life on fabric is not without its challenges. Let's navigate through the process and uncover some tips to master this captivating embroidery. Choosing the Right Canvas The foundation of any great Nautical embroidery designs piece is the fabric. For a design as dynamic as the Angry Pirates Skull, selecting a sturdy material like denim or heavy cotton is key. These fabrics can withstand the dense stitching without puckering, ensuring your pirate skull maintains its fearsome appearance. Lighter fabrics might be tempting for certain projects, but they could struggle to support the detailed work this design demands. Color Selection and Thread Quality Pirates are known for their flamboyant yet intimidating presence, and the colors you choose for your embroidery should reflect this. A palette of bold blacks, deep reds, and stark whites can bring your skull to life with a menacing allure. Moreover, investing in high-quality threads will prevent frustrating breaks and ensure your design remains vibrant through washes and wear. Navigating the Embroidery Seas Embroidering complex designs like the Angry Pirates Skull requires patience and precision. It's crucial to keep a close eye on your machine to swiftly address any thread snags or needle issues. Remember, every pirate faces storms at sea, but it's their perseverance that leads them to treasure. Similarly, your attention to detail and determination will result in an embroidery piece that's both a work of art and a bold statement. Caring for Your Pirate Emblem Once your embroidery is complete, proper care is essential to maintain its appearance. Gentle washing and avoiding direct heat will preserve the threads' colors and integrity. This way, your Angry Pirates Skull design will continue to exude its bold spirit for years to come, much like the enduring legends of pirates themselves.
  4. Unleash Serenity: Divine Embroidery for Your Space Embrace Tranquility with Spirituality-Inspired Design Discover the essence of peace and spirituality in your living space with our exclusive God is Good gold embroidery design. This exquisite piece is not just a decoration; it's a statement of faith and a constant reminder of the goodness that surrounds us. Perfect for those who cherish spiritual depth in every corner of their home, this design transforms ordinary spaces into serene sanctuaries. Elevate Your Wardrobe with Sacred Threads Infuse your clothing with a touch of divine grace with our "God is Good" religious garment embellishment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this gold embroidery not only adds a luxurious aesthetic to your attire but also serves as a wearable testament to your faith. Ideal for special occasions or as a cherished gift, it's a beautiful way to keep the spirit of divinity close to your heart. Artistic Faith: A Tapestry of Belief Bring your walls to life with a faith-inspired art piece that speaks volumes. Our God is Good divine tapestry accessory is more than just decor; it's a canvas of belief, beautifully woven with golden threads that catch the light and the eye. Whether it's for your home, office, or spiritual retreat, this tapestry adds a profound touch of reverence and elegance to any setting.
  5. Embroidered napkin with Mosaic bunny embroidery design. This large embroidery design in one color is useful for those who like embroidery, who like simple, normal interesting work. Who does not like to change embroidery threads often and look for the right color. Any thread one will do.
  6. We would also appreciate suggestions for all-purpose machine embroidery thread - for embroidery projects, pillows, quilt, crafts, etc. Thanks very much for your input!
  7. Beautiful embroidery design for a new denim jacket. If you sew a bright orange machine embroidery thread on the back of the jacket will be a masterpiece. You will be turned around. Femme fatale machine embroidery design
  8. I am wondering what analog 1 and Analog 2 mean. Also when I convert from original color to the analog 1 or analog 2 colors they are different. I am going to purchase the luigi design and when I go to convert my embroidery thread, under original color is white and in the conversion is navy blue under analog 1 and midnight blue under analog 2. There is no white thread listed. I am converting from Robison-Anton Rayon to Gutermann creativ dekor.
  9. The iron man embroidery design I purchased did not have a color chart can you please email me one as soon as possible?
  10. Some information about embroidery threads, documentation, color chart, characteristics
  11. A while back someone posted that 40 weight thread is coincidentally .40 mm thick. I took this to be obviously incorrect. Not only is the measurement misleading the conclusion was arrived by laying a two pieces of 40 weight thread on a ruler and wa-la there you have it! The reason I questioned this other than the obvious kindergarten method of measuring was it seemed incorrect to me. So I contacted Ackermann to see if they had a more accurate measurement. The USA warehouse didn't have this information and referred me to Germany. Germany responded by giving me this information. Quote: Poly 40 weight thread is .24685 mm in thickness. Rayon is a little thinner. So now when you try to calculate anything using 40 thread you have the accurate measurement. This would be very useful when zooming in on a stitch file and measuring densities. So use your new found knowledge well. And have a good week )
  12. Version JPG


    Madeira SUPERTWIST scanned document. Temperature. instruction.
  13. Although we have Madeira 40 embroidery thread set in user preferences, on our machine embroidery design printouts, the threads are being shown as R-A threads. How can I change this?
  14. Hi everyone I found some, problem, How quickly hide all segment which having one color? Before i using Object Manager. This is not comfortable (need lots' of time). Have any suggestions?
  15. What type of needle and embroidery thread is used. Having trouble with the thread bunching up. Any info would be great, trying something new!
  16. Product: Shrek with Logo embroidery design Question: I have recently purchased this designed, but the colors do not transfer correctly to my software. Do you have a color chart available for the brand of thread you used so I can get a better idea of what colors to use.
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