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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All, I was hoping you folks could help me figure this one out. I've been trying to get the embroidery functionality up and running on my Janome Memory Craft 10000. It's running v1.0 of the firmware so I don't know how easy this will be. I have the CF card and PCMCIA adapter as is supported, the CF card is no more than 512mb (its 256mb) and I've got it FAT formatted not FAT32 or ExFAT. However when I go and pop it in the machine it doesn't register much, the hourglass icon appears for a second and then disapears, when I go to read off it it just says insert PC card. As I understand it I need to format the CF card in the machine first, however in the Set menu there is nowhere that has format as an option. I get the tabs "Common set", "Ordinary Sewing" "Embroidery" and "White Flag". Each tab has 2 pages and none have a format PC card option so far. I assume this means that it's not even registering the card is there but I'm not entirely sure with that. If anyone has any advice on how I can get this functionality restored that would be great. Even if it's as simple as a clone of someones working CF card that I can format the thing myself outside of the machine. Either way thanks for reading and hopefully we can get this back up and running.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Bernina Deco 330 / Bernette Deco 340 / Janome MC300e / Janome MC350e Documentation, Manual, Service Manual, Firmware
  3. Программа от Amazing Design расчитана на ту часть пользователей которая, не может (или не хочет) долго работать работать на созданием своих дизайнов. программа Click-n-Stitch В этом продукте воплощены лучшие программные достижения. Достаточно лишь указать какой графический файл Вы хотите превратить в вышивку, а также его выходной размер, тип заполнения и несколько других параметров и программа сама превратит его в файл вышивки. При этом будут учтены многие параметры (поправка на стягивание, создание укрепляющего слоя, оптимизация переходов (jump)....). Программа имеет простой и понятный интерфейс. Весь процесс происходит с помощью Волшебника (Wizard) который шаг за шагом приведет Вас к конечному результату. Поддерживаемые форматы вышивки; *.exp (MELCO), *.dst (TAJIMA), *.pec, *.pec (BROTHER, BERNINA, BABYLOCK), *.pcs (PFAFF), *.hus (HUSQVARNA), *.sew (JANOME, ELNA), *.xxx (SINGER, POEM). Отдельно реализована поддержка машин PFAFF (подгонка под размер пялец и количеству цветов). Поддерживаемые форматы графических файлов; *.bmp, *.AI (Adobe Illustrator), *.EPS (Postscript), *.cdr (CorelDraw), *.cmx (CorelDraw), *.emf, *.wmf, *.jpg, *.tiff, *.pcx, *.mac (MAC IMAGES), *.pcd (PhotoCD), *.pct, *.tga. Максимальный размер вышивки: 160 х 260 мм.
  4. Trying to re-enter the world of embroidery. I have a Memory Craft 100001 and in the past it was directly connected to my PC (Windows XP 2002) using a USB A to B cable. Nothing has changed; no updates to either PC or Janome. In my PC I can create and transform designs using Embird 2008, Easy Transfer, or Customizer 1000 Plus. I have access to all my files from before. I prefer Embird; however, I cannot remember how to send designs to my machine. All the info I have found on the web is not it! It was so simple, not multi-stepped. I get windows that say "could not connect with Serial port 5 " ( or 4, or 3, or 2, or 1), when I go to the Input-Output Operations in the Right PAnel of Embird. And other avenues are unsuccessful as well. Should I be able to see my machine as a device when I click on "My Computer" on my PC? The screen on my Janome has the arrow from the machine icon to the PC icon at the bottom of that window, but it never changes to indicate activity. I have no need to update either of these pieces of equipment; I just need them to talk to each other. HELP?
  5. Who else loves their Janome computerized Embroidery Machine ?
  6. Hi all. I am new to digitizing and am using the Janome Digitizer V5. I am wanting to make a stuffed soft toy. I have created my design using the Applique tool. This has worked fine. However I need to created a space in the final stitch out so I can stuff the toy. The final stitchout object appears to be an open shape but I cant break the line to make a space. I have set the stitches to sculpture stitch. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Sandy
  7. Hi I'm looking to buy my first embroidery machine, hoping to have sewing capabilities as well, have around a $800 budget. My aim is to use my own designs so i will also need digitizing software. I've scoped out a few seemingly nice used ones near me plus a cheap new one, if anybody has advice or thoughts I'd appreciate it, thanks
  8. I have a new pc in order to use my digitizer V5 but the software keeps crashing. I have windows 10 which I know can be problematic but am unsure what I can do about it , in simple terms please! Many thanks
  9. Barudan TES Version free converter Support these machine embroidery formats: can view, convert to/from these embroidery files formats This software same as Compucon EOS free viewer Ameco .NEW, Babylock, Bernina, Brother .PEC, Babylock, Bernina, Brother .PES Bits & Volts .BRO, Brother .PHB, Brother .PHC, Compucon .XXX, Janome .JEF, Janome .SEW, Juki .M1, Juki .M2, Juki .M3, Juki .M4, Melco .EXP, Pfaff .VIP, Pfaff .VP3, Tajima .DS Viking Designer 1 .SHV Viking Husqvarna .HUS, ZSK TC .ZXY. TESViewer_Multi-lingual.zip
  10. I recently purchased a used Janome memory craft 9700. I got a cf memory card and an ata adapter, I formatted it then tried to use it in my mac but the mac won't recognize the card when it is formatted for the janome, i then formatted it for the mac and the plugged it into the janome and its giving the memory card error and asking if i want to format it. Has anyone else had this problem? is there a solution for it? I have embrilliance software and have successfully used designs I have saved on the mac and emailed to a friend to put on the memory card but I would like to avoid that step if I can
  11. Please attach free machine embroidery designs with flowers, leaves and any nature decorations. Digitizer Ludmila Rebrina K040_Ludmila_Rebrina_kisa_Buket_1.zip
  12. I got Janome MB-4 from dealer. I want to embroider a design (made in the Embird that I used for 3 years). When I started using new MB-4 for the embroider design at initial stage the first color shifts and it was ruined. I was making little bear where the first color was brown. Head, left arm and leg are high quality. It elaborated one cm (or on inch) to the distant.
  13. I received Janome 9700 this Christmas and purchased ATA card. I cannot get any free files from Janome 9700 to transfer to the card which is formatted. I got this program called MacEmb on internet and wondering if some one has purchased it? If yes then is it worth and works well between iMac and Janome. I dont have virtual windows program on computer. Thanks for help!
  14. Can you tell if there's a way to add designs to card which goes in the machine...in folders beasue i have ton of daisys, and i can make daisy folder, or some alphabet folder etc, at the moment these are all over the place Please give a step by step guide
  15. I have 9500 but can't get flash card and adaptor for any more. Does anyone know how to convert or does anyone have one they don't need? I need Please help
  16. Hey everyone, I need advice on hoop for Christmass. Does anyone has one and its easy to use? I want to do large monograms on sweatshirts, my biggest hoop is 5x7. any tips please??? Thanks.
  17. Dear All, Long story....I purchased a new Janome 10000....but was in the box for 10 years! I purchased this from some old lady. So, now I want to upgrade to Version 3.0 with a CD. So, I followed all "rules" . My computer is 64 bit but instruction says the upgrade isnot compatible with 64 bit computer, so I got a 32 bit computer. I got an error when updating directly from computer to machine, so I transferred the files to a compact flash card. But, when I place the flash card in its adapter into machine in an update mode (white screen) I get big beep as well as an ERROR! on the screen. When i insert the compact flash card in machine and press the embroidery mode, the message comes saying "ATA PC card memory error, data may be damaged, asks me if I want to format...." but Pressing OK does nothing. Now I have reformatted flash card on my computer and reloaded all update files and tried again to nothing. Is there anything I should know? Any help pleased! Thanks in advance.DEN
  18. I lost power to my Janome embroidery 350 when I was at stitch #20,815. How do get back to that stitch number to finish my project? Surely there is an easier way than to "jog" 10 stitches at one time.
  19. Tell me people what you like and dislike about Janome MB-4 ? Because I am thinking to buy one, may be used machine.
  20. Позволяет работать с любыми вышивальными форматами и картами. MAGIC BOXЧитает и записывает вышивальные карты большинства форматов. Импортирует файлы вышивки с жесткого диска или CD-ROM. В комплект поставки входит одна чистая Magic Card совместимая с Вашей вышивальной машиной. Magic Card может содержать до 6-ти дизайнов одновременно. Работает с большинством вышивальных машин.. Работает со следующими вышивальными форматами файлов; PES, PCS, HUS, SEW, CSD, XXX, PCM, EXP, и DST. Magic Box может считывает информацию со следующих вышивальных карт Babylock Bernette Deco Bernina artista Brother Elna Janome/New Home 8000 Janome/New Home 9000 Kenmore Pfaff Simplicity Singer Viking Magic Box может записывать вышивальные карты* для следующих машин. Brother/Babylock/Deco/Viking Artista/Pfaff Janome/New Home 8000/9000/Elna/Kenmore Singer * - подразумевается что Вы записываете информацию на Magic Card. Поставка. Magic Box - устройство для чтения и записи вышивальных карт. Magic Card - одна вышивальная карта совместимая с Вашей вышивальной машиной ( по желанию можно приобрести любое количество карт к любой вышивальной машине). OESD's Magican Sizer - программа для чтения форматов *.art и преобразования их в другой формат (PES, PCS, HUS, SEW, CSD, XXX, PCM, EXP, и DST). Программа позволяет Вам работать с Magic Box. 100 Дизайнов от OESD - (данное предложение действительно не всегда) которые Вы можете масштабировать и вышивать. Стоимость: 400$
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