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Found 16 results

  1. This is fine set of two terry towels prepared for two little boys who like angry birds. Their author used Angry birds embroidery design for decoration of each work piece. Furthermore they have identical color and size. As a result we see two same towels not to provoke quarrel between boys. Only difference between these towels is embroidered names of their owners.
  2. Hi, We are new in the embroidery business and we need a logo digitilized. We want the embroidery pattern to be 70mm. We use a melco amaya xts and the file formats we have used is DST. Can you give us a price quote please? I read with great interest what you have written about digitlizing software. When you mention professional softwares, you didnt mention designshop pro....which would be our natural upgrade.... dont you consider it to be as good? Thank you
  3. I am trying to create a user account to purchase Volkswagen woman logo machine embroidery design but am not able to for some reason. When I try to create an order I get prompted to create a new account once again. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. New machine embroidery design. Oreview in Wilcom E2. Bunnies embroidery collection.

    © Denisov Embroidery Studio

  5. Introduction Compensation is one subject that is often over looked when your learning the software whether you want to just make text or simple designs or to digitize corporate logos. In this blog we will take a look at compensation and the factors to be aware of. Backing choices In embroidery choosing the right backing for the application is key to designs that look sharp and clean,. Here is an example of how elasticity of the fabric changes when using different backing types. In the above example two pieces of cutaway seems to be the magic number, of course you would also have underlay but the distortion is clear on the fabric by just changing the backing. Here is a chart that can help you understand the elasticity in different fabrics, general rule if the fabric is stretchy you will need to use cut away backing types. Cut-away Backing Loose knit fabrics Fine knit fabrics Golf jerseys Knit golf shirts Lightweight woven silks Wool / acrylic sweaters Bathing suits / Lycra / spandex Thin leather & suede Vinyl Tear-away Backing Towels Hats Cotton / polyester Corduroy Sheets Nylon satin jackets Thick Leather & suede Water Soluble Stabilizer Freestanding Lace Transparent Fabrics Towels and Bath robes Delicate fabrics Badges and Patches Fusible backing Patches Velvet Hard to hoop items Cut away Pre-cut sheets Caps and hats hoop tech frames Fast Frames Convenience Specialty Applications Canvas , do not require backing Carpets, do not require backing Heavy Denim, do not require backing its optional Spandex, recommend cutaway with spray adhesive Satin , recommend cutaway with spray adhesive Organza, recommend cutaway with spray adhesive
  6. In the apparel decoration we have a wide range of methods to decorate garments with in this blog we are going to give you some insights on changing it up and spice to your designs. We have some general tips on how you can incorporate other decorating methods into your embroidery and still make the embroidery design look great. Threads and impact In the apparel decoration shop we normally only use 1 set of needles and 1 type of thread, some shops may have a variety, but we can change that. Standard embroidery thread is great for 75% of the logo out their but their are some specialty threads and circumstances that you may want to have alternates on hand. Small Text Ever wonder why some shops can embroider very small text and you struggle with it , well its all in the thread, if your using a standard needle and standard thread it is very difficult to make your letters defined. Here is an example of text sew at 5 mm that looks clean as it was double the size. The trick is in the needle and thread size.. we used a 60 wt thread which is half the thickness of standard 40 wt thread and we used a 65/9 needle this makes a world of difference for small lettering. Large Text Large text you will need to make some modification to make it look good, one way is you can change the fill pattern to smooth instead of a satin stitch, in your software it will tell you how large fonts can be used prior to having to change the pattern of the design. Tip "Applique Made Easy" In some larger shops you may have access to an Io line cutter that can cut twill or fabric and used in the applique process. However us smaller shops do not have this equipment. But if you need to stand out and make unique designs here is a tip that easy to do and you may have the font already. What You Need •Embroidery Machine •Non-Stick Embroidery Machine Needle •Heat Press •Appliquй Sew File with Satin Stitch •Heat seal (materials without a carrier) •Lite-Tack Spray •Cover Sheet •Heat Printing Pillow •Weeding Tweezers 1. Make a design with a placement stitch and satin stitch border . 2. Hoop your fabric and sew out the placement stitch . 3 Cut a section of heat transfer material 2" larger than your design. Remove carrier if using a CAD-CUT material. 4. Lightly coat the back side of the heat transfer material panel with spray adhesive. 5. Position material panel over the placement stitch, ensuring all areas of stitch are covered. 6. Sew satin stitch around the heat transfer material panel with machine speed between 500-700. 7. Rip-away excess heat transfer material and weed out any cavities. 8. Heat press the garment once embroidered and removed from the hoop this is a great looking easy applique design which can be used in a wide range of garments and works with a wide range of heat transfer vinyls. Multimedia Techniques Ink transfers and Embroidery This technique doesn't need to be hard, Treat it like an applique put a mark in the image of the center point, either use transfer paper or a digital printer to print the background image and then when you line up the embroidery center the needle on the center point of the design. This will allow you to create a illusion that it was all done at the same time. See the image below. ( Samples ) Applique backgrounds and Embroidery This applique was machine embroidery design for carpet, as when you digitize for carpets you have to use fills as if you use a satin stitch it will often break the needle. However having to stitch out a design this large with a complex fill I use applique as much as possible. So for the center part of this design I filled the black area in with Black Leather. To give it a standout texture. The methods on this may be out side of the box but they are used in some embroidery shops that want to stand out from the competition.
  7. I managed to find and download a Pac-Man embroidery design from your site with my daughters help. She went through a search engine kind of back door like and got to the machine embroidery design page. The question I have is Why cant I get there using your website search function? I wanted to see if there were more options but all I get is No Results. What am I doing wrong?
  8. I am attaching my reduction to 3.1x3.8 -that I tried. It is an .ofm format. When viewed on Design Shop looked like all was good but as mentioned below, red buttock area exceeded the black border. Really hope that you can help with both issues. I just purchased this design within past week. Hope that you can help with the resizing issue and advise if you can make it 2.8 w x 2.5 for hat .
  9. I would like to order your New England Patriots machine embroidery design $2.99 USD but I am looking for one that will fit on a ball cap for my grandson. Can you help me out. Thank you.
  10. Is it possible to get this embroidery design smaller? I need it about 3 inches high. Thank you
  11. Although we have Madeira 40 embroidery thread set in user preferences, on our machine embroidery design printouts, the threads are being shown as R-A threads. How can I change this?
  12. How to have different payment and bank transfer? I'm having trouble paying with my paypal!!!Thank you
  13. I using pre digitized font in my Tajima Pulse Maestro. My customer ask me about border (steil- zig zag) to letter. I don't fount this tool in font panel..I need convert each letter to Complex fill , and after add ZigZag border? I not like this way, because i left word as letters set.
  14. From the album: Hockey logos

    Dallas stars USA hockey team prinary logo. A silver, beveled star with a silver and black D, outlined in green and silver. Digitized near.
  15. I have talked with you before I was wondering about getting the embroidery logos and the PINK please let me know how to go about purchasing these Thanks mary
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