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Found 14 results

  1. Version CDR format


    Complete instructions for assembling this truck. Corel Draw file.
  2. View File Christmas Truck free embroidery design This product comes in the following sizes: 4.30" X 4.82” (109.22 X 122.43 mm) 5.18" X 5.92” (131.57 X 150.37 mm) 6.06" X 6.92” (153.92 X 175.77 mm) 4.94" X 7.92” (125.48 X 201.17 mm) Submitter duang aunman Submitted 12/18/2022 Category Christmas  
  3. Version Any popular formats


    This product comes in the following sizes: 4.30" X 4.82” (109.22 X 122.43 mm) 5.18" X 5.92” (131.57 X 150.37 mm) 6.06" X 6.92” (153.92 X 175.77 mm) 4.94" X 7.92” (125.48 X 201.17 mm)
  4. Version EPS, DWG, SVG, AI, DXF, CDR


    Autumn truck cut file This Autumn truck fit perfectly into your interior and will always be a great gift for family and friends. This design 3D layers of the Autumn truck n you can cut from materials such as paper, plywood, plexiglass and more. After downloading the 3D layers of the Autumn truck you will receive the following files: EPS, DWG, SVG, AI, DXF, CDR The file has the following dimensions: Height 12 inches Width 18.9 inches Author: Diana Gladysh Source Cutting Data Files
  5. Girls love dolls and boys love cars: everybody knows this simple rule and it continues to work – at least for most children! If your little son belongs to majority of boys, please him by this pretty and convenient t-shirt with his beloved thing! Toy truck free embroidery design is quite easy sample to be made even by beginner in embroidery. Furthermore you may create it in any color you want!
  6. Version CDR format


    Shelf for collection of miniature cars. Laser cutting MDF, plywood. File for Corel Draw software.
  7. Version CDR and DXF formats


    Big wooden construction set. Files in format for Corel Draw software.
  8. Version CDR format


    A beautiful wooden construction set for assembling a truck. Full instruction and file in Corel Draw format.
  9. Do you have a farm house or a farm guest house? Welcome your guests with this white lush towel. This is the best towel that really resonates with that upcountry feeling. This soft, super absorbent towel with a well embroidered beautiful welcome note design should give you all the feels. Its soft, lush and large enough for you to wrap yourself with it. Pretty sure this will make you to look forward to that peaceful shower time. Product: Welcome to our farm house embroidery design
  10. The towel is a good and practical gift. But you can make this a gift better. Just need to add embroidery on it. Buy the design here: Mater from Pixar Cars embroidery design
  11. This is cool Pillow prepared especially for birthday date of one boy. Author used Mater embroidery design from our Cars embroidery collection for its decoration. It was added by name of cushion’s owner and his date of birth. Together they create very nice and original gift. It will please birthday boy each day for many years of his life.
  12. This is nice embroidered pillow with Sarge machine embroidery design from Cars cartoon movie. It is portrait of serious auto which is able to pass through any road. This nice embroidery sample used for creation of memorable souvenir for birthday of little boy. This work piece is added by his name and date of his birth. It is really good idea of gift.
  13. Autumn garden cross stitch free embroidery design View File Size: 7.56 x 5.35' Submitter test5 Submitted 11/23/2016 Category Cross stitch machine embroidery designs
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