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  1. Version 1.0.0


    If you are looking for free embroidery digitizing and vector art design then this community is best place for you. If you want more free design click here to Get Free Embroidery Digitized Designs. If you want to learn more about embroidery digitizing and vector art design, is a best YouTube channel for you to learn. Unleash Your Creativity with our Butterfly Embroidery Design Let your creativity soar with our Butterfly free embroidery design. Exquisite and intricate, this design captures the captivating charm of a butterfly, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to your embroidery projects. Ideal for both novices and experienced embroiderers, this design provides a rich and satisfying stitching experience. A Blend of Beauty and Intricacy Butterflies are known for their vibrant colors and delicate beauty, and our Butterfly design encapsulates these qualities perfectly. The design's complexity brings the butterfly to life, making it an enchanting addition to any embroidery project. From adorning apparel to enhancing home decor, this design is sure to add a dash of charm wherever it is applied. High Quality and Compatibility Our Butterfly embroidery design is crafted with the highest quality in mind. It's compatible with a range of embroidery machines, ensuring an effortless stitching process and a professional finish. Whether you're a seasoned embroiderer or just starting out, our design is meticulously created to provide a seamless experience and a stunning end result. Versatility for a Range of Projects The Butterfly embroidery design is not only beautiful but also versatile. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a range of projects. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your clothing, enhance your home decor, or craft a thoughtful gift for a loved one, our Butterfly design will certainly elevate your work. In conclusion, our Butterfly free embroidery design is a beautiful blend of intricacy and elegance. It's created with high-quality standards and attention to detail, making it a valuable addition to your collection of embroidery machine designs. Embrace the charm of this enchanting creature and let your embroidery projects take flight with our Butterfly design.
  2. In digitizing designs its important to understand the machine embroidery design characteristics, this helps if you have taken some time of art courses as it can prepare you to look at the design different. It also depends on the size, and quality of artwork you have to work with. In this blog we are going to look at the three "D" of digitizing, Depth Density and Dynamics. Whether a design comes from a line drawing, clipart or a photograph, you need to understand how to get the software to be able to recreate the density, depth and dynamics of the design. This is not an easy task as you really need to know some settings in your software. Lets take a look at a design and how it was made. Original image and design information This deer embroidery design has depth with the trees fence and grass all in the back ground. it has various densities to create the illusion of blends, and the dynamic of texturs. We will take you through each layer of the design and show you how they made this design. Stitch count 41192 Design trims 44 Color changes 14 colors height 5.99 in design width 4.60 in Note: 14 of the 44 trims are from a color change, so technically there are only 30 trims in the whole design.. So you need to break it down and separate sections to get the design proportions correct. Layer 1 background Background of the embroidery design Because this is a background layer the density of the design is a bit less than it would be if it was on top of another color. ( 36.3 spi using a random fill pattern. Notice that the selections are all connected so there are no trims in this section this speeds up the sewout and reduces the amount of simulated thread breaks. Layer 2 high light of trees Note: The fence post sits over will make the design over top of this, this detail stand out and be correct to the image. The detail or dynamic of this layer is to add some detail to the trees, this needs to be behind the deer. To ge the blending effect you should use a fill, Random pattern density of 30 to 38 spi and it should all be connected by run stitches. Layer 3 detail of trees This layer will give you a dynamic look and feel to the background as it will have some texture to it, it also covers up and blends the background of the first layer. Layer 4 and 5 grass and fence This layer goes slightly over top of parts of the back ground but slightly behind the deer. To ge the blend effect you need to layer a few density of the complex fill is between 35-44 spi using a random pattern. Layer 5 detail of grass and poles. This layer is composed of satin and run stitches to simulate the detail, the shade is slightly different than the grass aboe. Layer 6 chest background The fence wires need to go over the grass so they do not disappear in the stitches. This is the background layer of the deer body its a std complex fill density of 63.5 with a random fill pattern. Layer 7 and 8 depth and dynamic of the chest. Layer 7 This layer is made up of light fills, and a run stitches playing with the density and random pattern. no trims in the design. Embroidery design layer 7 light fill Layer 8 This layer has a complex fill at 50 spi and in the middle a run stitch to add detail to the previous fill. Layer 9 and 10 chest highlights and antlers Layer 9 This layer adds some contrast and depth to fills giving it some blending effect. The antlers sit on top of the back ground making them stand out, they are made using a satin stitch with a density of 52 spi. Not to scale. The fill is made using the random pattern, with a density of 50 spi no its all connected by travelling stitches. Layer 11 high light of antlers. The white layer is made up of satin and run stitches the satin density layers the grey shown last image, creating detail , density is 31 spi. Layer 12 detail of antlers. This layer is made up of runs and satin stitches and some stitches and the density varies and stitch type also e-stitch was used as a pattern to create an effect. Layer 13 high lights in deer head This last layer ads the final detail of the eyes and nose and hears to high light portiosn. Comparison from the original image to the sew out of the design. The image on the left is the original image supplied and on the right the sew out.
  3. View File Butterfly Free Embroidery Digitized Designs If you are looking for free embroidery digitizing and vector art design then this community is best place for you. If you want more free design click here to Get Free Embroidery Digitized Designs. If you want to learn more about embroidery digitizing and vector art design, is a best YouTube channel for you to learn. Submitter Rebecca Michael Submitted 06/26/2021 Category Animals  
  4. Hi all been search for a embroidery software like freeware if there is one where i can convert my vector files (eps, ai, cdr) machine embroidery machine formats such as Tajima -dst, .Melco -exp .dst and other popular. I know Tajima? Wilcom and Barudan is supposed to be great but i hear its quite pricey and basically im just trying to experiement for now and do a few custom designs for my customers. can anyone reccomend a solutiona or give me free version (trial or have some limitations)? also if anyone knows how to do these with adobe illustrator, fireworks or other vector soft that would help also. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have created a design in Illustrator using vector lines. There are 200 of them designed in a specific order. When I 'Get from Application' in Embroidery Office 15, they appear in the correct order. But when I use the 'Art To Stitch' I lose the order. I can't see anything that I need to click to keep the order according to the order of the vector list. Anyone have the solution to this? Thanks, GM
  6. Hi, I have been rocking illustrator hard for a few months now. i have done a handfull of vector designs for t-shirts but i plan on making some kind of logo-ish design for a snapback. for people who have created designs in illustrator that have ended up as embroidery designs on a hat or snapback or similar, are there any general objectives i should be considering in terms of going about it differently than for t-shirt designs? i'm new to this, but i'm guessing there might be some different things to consider, or parameters i should follow when making a design that will end up being threaded vs. printed? any help much appreciated
  7. I normally have to back save an Adobe Illustrator file to version 8 in order for it to open in pulse with the import artwork feature. I recently upgraded my AI program only to find that it's still not compatible with the program and wont open. Am I correct here the only way to open vector files in pulse from AI is to still back save them in version 8 Adobe Illustrator? Any help would be much appreciated. Feeling frustrated
  8. I understand that Pulse does not support compound paths. Any way I can import an image so that the hollow areas don't show up filled?
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