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Chenille Part 1



In the previous Introduction we covered some terminology, and some explanation of the different stitch types in this section we will look at the settings for those stitch types.

Chenille General Tab Settings

Chenille general settings

The General Tab for Lattice Chenille has a section called Before fill, Moss Fill and After fill.

Chenille view of stitches

Section A

Before the fill you can choose to have items a None, Chain, Moss depending on the design needs below shows the different items in the artwork, settings and how it should appear.

Chenille before fill

Section B

The moss fill can be set to None, Contour, or Lattice.

lattice chenille

Section C

Here are the setting for after the fill

chenille section c

Line Spacing

chenille Line Spacing

chenille Line Spacing

Minimize Cross Runs for lattice option

chenille miinimal 1

Sew Sequence

This option allows you to choose which segment sews first

chenille general settings

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Wow. So gut dargestellt. Hatte vorher ja keine Ahnung wie aufwendig alles ist. Irgendwann versuche ich mich auch mal in das Theme einzuarbeiten und Dateien zu entwerfen,  Dank deiner Artikel kann ich VIEL Lernen.  Tausend Dank dafür. :rolleyes:

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