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  1. You can buy it in official Wilcom website or download free embroidery software. We not agree see any software in our embroideyr community.
  2. Yes, this is a really good choice if you are a beginner lover of machine embroidery. You will understand what you need and after years decide which path is correct. Spend between $ 1,000 and $ 15,000 or buy ready-made solutions or download free machine embroidery designs.
  3. This is a complicated process, I think it is better to use an embroidered patch. Then you can sew it anywhere you want. But it is difficult to embroider on such fabric. Tono shouldn't use dense, multicolored embroidery designs.
  4. If you are just starting your journey in this type of creativity, it makes sense for you to first try to embroider already made projects. For example, for the upcoming winter holidays, you can find a large selection in our library - Christmas embroidery designs. According to the parameters you specified, there is no software for creating machine embroidery files. The minimum cost of the software is about $ 1,000.
  5. What embroidery machine you have? Is this design size compatible with your embroidery machine? Are other designs on this USB media visible? You checked the file in some program. Try downloading it again. Maybe the first time it was loaded with an error.
  6. It depends on the density of the fabric and the machine embroidery design. We need to regulate.
  7. Very small stitch length. Lengths less than 0.9mm can simply be ignored by the embroidery machine or software. Try embroidering this project and see what happens.
  8. Need using strong stabilizer for big embroidery. It is also important to understand that you do not use shrinkage compensation for large designs, but for individual blocks. And this problem must be solved depending on the material - fabric, type and length of stitches, and also take into account the directions of filling the previous blocks. That is, you need to examine the entire machine embroidery design as a whole. Can you attach a photo with your work? Best of all, this will be a screenshot of the area parameters.
  9. Thank you Kate. Yes, this is next interesting blog from our embroideyr library. We publish more informtin about digitizing near time.
  10. You have problem with download this free embroidery design? Please look our help video
  11. What problem with download you have?

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