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  1. diver361

    Embroidered bag horse and roses

    This embroidered bag with horseback is a great gift for a man who loves horse riding. Beautiful quality work. Very contrasting pattern. Use one thread color is very convenient when you want to do embroidery quickly. View our entire embroidery library of horses.
  2. The carefully selected colors of the threads and the stylish design are embodied in the magnificent machine embroidery design. Photos of the user of the embroidered bag are an excellent illustration of professional work. You can make a pillow or a beach bag made of cotton. The design is not tight, you do not need much time and materials.
  3. diver361

    Woman, spring..Paris..

    Young woman in sexy short dress. A good opportunity to create a stylish accessory for a stylish young lady. Youth, beauty and Paris.
  4. diver361

    Bag with Paris woman free embroidery design

    Very stylish beautiful bag for lovers of romance. Your memories of traveling to Paris. Stylish accessory of a young woman. Perfectly matched colors and size. Professional work of digitizer.
  5. diver361

    Woman in Paris cafe free embroidery design

    Excellent embroidery design for decorating a women's bag or pillow. As a remembrance of the past romantic journey. Coffee at a table in a street cafe, chestnuts and Paris in colors autumn leaves. You can save all this by embroidering this free project. Great shades of love.
  6. diver361

    Cat back and front free embroidery

    Pretty kitten embroidery with two options. This option is suitable for decorating clothes from the front and back. It is comfortable to embroider those who only make the first steps in machine embroidery. If you do not know how to use this free design, check out the photos of our users. They will awaken your imagination.
  7. diver361

    Kitten in a mug applique free embroidery

    You can embroider a cat with a pillow or a T-shirt. This only depends on the imagination and imagination of the needlewoman. An unusual project for lovers of cute and fluffy.
  8. diver361

    Giraffe applique free embroidery design

    Free design of machine embroidery for children's t-shirt. Just a small masterpiece. We recommend embroidering Giraffe on outfit or babybibs for newborns. Together with the name of the child or birth date. A beautiful thing can always become a gift for the baby's mom. Any formats can be used on the machine (brother, janome, husqvarna, pfaff, singer, elna) of any brand. Love the applique is the fastest ideal for decorating clothes.
  9. diver361

    Park photo stitch free embroidery design

    Winter garden will be an excellent embroidered decoration for your living room. Just put it in the frame like a normal picture. The difference from standard printed images, this is real art. When embroidering, it is worth considering the density of design and applying the appropriate stabilizer.
  10. The original design is made in the style of embroidery in one color. Original vyshchivka with the image of the woman's face dressed in the style of the last century. suitable for beginners lovers of machine embroidery. A good option is to decorate the napkins for a party in a vintage style. You can add a beautiful inscription. Can be combined with other projects.
  11. diver361

    Two horses photo stitch free embroidery design

    A beautiful free embroidery of galloping horses can decorate your living room. Bright, simple images will be an excellent element of a jacket or bag of dense fabric. Embroidering should take into account the high density of the project.
  12. diver361

    Autumn forest photo stitch free embroidery design

    Please. we add it .
  13. diver361

    Bee free embroidery

    Embroidery for children's room. You can download and decorate the pillow for your bed or school bag free of charge. The funny story looks good on a shirt or jacket. It creates a good summer mood. It is embroidered easily, professional digitizing work. Adorable stitces.
  14. diver361

    Lobster photo stitch free embroidery design

    If you are the owner of a small cafe or restaurant on the ocean, you can embroider this lobster design for the interior. This is a real picture made with threads. If you use a color table, the result will be great.