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  1. No , only for Windows. But MAC have emulation function.
  2. For Brother embroidery machine - PE DESIGN.
  3. What problem you have? For help please look here
  4. You can help our customers? Post tips and tricks.
  5. Hello You can change size via free embroidery software My Editor . Help information here
  6. Machine embroidery in DST format is not a set of coordinates for stitches and instructions for an embroidery machine. It does not lend itself to full editing. You can only remove elements, blocks, colors or stitches, change color change the size a little (10-25% of original) . For editing, you need the original "working" format. For example, for Wilcom embroidery software it is EMB, for Tajimf Pulse it is PXF.
  7. Hello

    You upload broken files.  We delete it.


    1. diver361


      Please check your files. It's empty.

    2. Mila Oost

      Mila Oost

      This files are not broken. They are taken from other web site.

  8. Please atach screen with options. Ir's looks as tatami with pattern.
  9. The thread tension needs to be adjusted. Also, I would pay attention to the quality of the embroidery thread. You also need to clean the embroidery machine, especially the part that is directly related to the thread. Change the bobbin thread.
  10. Best way ask your embroidery dealer. We not sell license for servers. What error yu see?
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