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Brother pe500 - screw question

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okay, I did something stupid tonight. 
I took my machine apart, like the screws in the back to take the machine (Brother pe500) apart. Now I can't remember where a screw goes. 
It's a small screw with a flower shaped piece of metal to it.

I can't remember where it goes. I am curious if anyone here has a brother pe500 machine that they can take a picture of the screws in the back. 

I'm so lost. 


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Disassembling a modern sewing machine by yourself is quite difficult, but in most cases, you do not have to. But there are still cases where you have to disassemble the sewing machine yourself. For example, when you need to replace the electric drive, not formed stitch, broken needle, etc., calling a workshop is impossible because it simply does not exist in your city or town. If you do not understand where the screw can be, read the instructions on the Internet. But if you do not have a screw, you can replace it with another one, which you can buy at the store . Without a manual, it's best not to do anything yourself.

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