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can anybody explain which angle in the stitches the Zigzag Angle setting is actually setting please?


with Zigzag set as sharp, 3mm width :

at absolute density 0.40 mm, setting angle at zero sets the forward stitch at zero degrees to the perpendicular to the outline line, fine. Set the angle as 45 and the stitches sit at 45 degrees (or something close). It looks simple.

But change absolute density to say 1.00mm and the actual resultant angle of the stitches increases significantly for the same 45 angle setting.  The 27 setting appears to be closer to 45 degrees.

With it set at angle of 27, change the density from 1.00mm to 1.01mm and the actual angle of the stitches jumps to a lot less than 45 degrees

The same happens at other angle settings, and some other whole mm changes in absolute density

Generally a density measurement increase appears to result in an increase in the actual stitch angle

However changing densities (absolute) from 1.00mm to 1.01mm and it produces a massive reduction in actual stitch angle, the same at 2.00 / 2.01 mm absolute density, not at 3.00mm, but again at 4.00 / 4.01mm, not at 5, 6 or 7mm but again at 8.00/8.01mm. A sequence seems to be appearing, . . . not  at 9,10,11 . . 15, but yes again at 16.00 / 16.01 mm 


So what's the logic please :      which angle is it setting?     and how does it relate to density?

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