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I have been asked to embroidery a name on a Christmas stocking

I think that this is some version of Diana Script, but what's in my embroidery digitizing software seems to be heavier. I have not tried sewing this out on test fabric yet, but would like to know how to take a font and make the columns narrower. I'm including the 2 pxf files I've made. Set to 25.4 mm / 1 inch. I found some very similar fabric on the remnant table for upholstery fabric at my local Darycock's fabric store. It's pretty heavy and plush.


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It appears you never received a response, and your message has apparently been here awhile. Were you able to work through this dilemma? Possibly by actually doing a sew out, and realizing it sewed out thinner than it appears in the digitizing software (especially when viewing in 3D)?


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Glad to hear it worked out. We do a lot of Christmas stockings, and two lessons have been learned.(1) For the basic high nap stockings, the text should be set up as done for towels -- i.e. with a contour and zigzag underlay. This allows the stitching to stay on top.  We still use topping on these. (2) Last year we had some VERY fluffy stocking cuffs. These just don't look good using the regular methods.  We create a base for the lettering of cross-stitch fill.  Something that is about 1/4" wider than the text, all around, or can be done in an oval or rectangular shape. If you're interested, we should have a photo of the end result. (and/or the file we used so you could see the settings)

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