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Hi Everyone,

i would just like to know if any one can tell me what mannual stitches are? and when i should use them?

i have been digitizing for years, and have never used a single Mannual Stitch.

another query i have on this is that the auto lock stitch command in Wilcom, gives my digitizing little tails once embroidered. it dosent sit in neat and tidy with the embroidery.i have been fighting this for years, is there any solution out there?

at the moment if i need to lock off a stitch i draw a small run stitch then put a auto basic lock on the end of it. this way i can move the lock to where ever i desire.this works ok, but sometimes i still get little tails everywhere, i guess mainly on small text.


any help would be super :)

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I have had the same problem.  Being a seamstress I understand the need for lock stitches and I would always do a "back stitch"when sewing.  So now I hide a run stitch (Using a .06 stitch length) under the column(or fill) and I always use the "line" version of the lock stitch.  A manual stitch puts a needle penetration everywhere you put a point, so you can create your own lock stitch--but always hide it, never on the edge of the segment.  When I first went through training (14 years ago) I was taught to make my own lock stitch in the shape of an X, using the manual stitch.  (That was before auto lock stitches!)  Also, I always try to end in an inconspicuous location, using the line lock.  Sometimes it works best at the bottom of the column, but usually up a little from the bottom.

I you are using standard keyboard lettering, I would always choose the "line" auto lock.  It doesn't seem to make a knot like the basic.

I hope this makes sense and help you.

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