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    My stars! This is beautiful and I never knew adding lace could be done. Thank you so, so much for taking the time to give us your tutorial, including step by step photos. I will try this ASAP. Signed, Mtn. Lady.
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    Annest, coming soon ) Perhaps, you have a list of questions you would like to see answered in our articles?
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    PFAFF Creative 1.5. I am satisfied with my machine very much and found with it common language. )))
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    I try to help you, but I don't know file format you need. Here is files in vp3 and second vp4 size 200x280 and 240x150 mm house20x28.vp3 house200x280.vp4 house240x150.vp4 house24x15.vp3
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    Thank you very much! It is interesting. Pitty that my biggest hoop is 15x24 cm. I can try to minimise it and make a little bag for 2 years old girl.
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    Wieder sehr verständlich erklärt. Vielen Dank
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    Love this design! What a great project
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    Thank you very much! It is interesting. I have tried once about 1,5 years ago because curiosity . It's looking very nice, but it is not my favorite type of embroidering.
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    Vielen Dank für die Antwort. Aber ich finde bei euch bestimmt ein anderes schönes Motiv
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    Unfortunately, it wasn't in the article ( Maybe Igor can ask the author.
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    danke das wäre großartig! Thanks Sorry my english isn´t good.
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    Die Idee ist genial und die Erklärung wieder perfekt. Vielen Dank
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    Ist wieder sehr verständlich erklärt und Dank der Bilder ganz leicht nachzuvollziehen. Vielen Dank
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    So wunderbar erklärt. Dank der Fotos auch so gut nachzuvollziehen. Vielen Dank
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    Thank you, I enjoyed learning something new. I will give them a try.
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    THERMOMOID FILM ✔ Allows you to save on the use of adhesive sprays ✔ is used to attach embroidered motifs and chevrons And HOW is applied, we now tell you: First, place the hot melt film on the back of the product with protective paper up, then iron through the paper. The exposure time is 5-10 seconds, the temperature is 145-160C. It is very important not to increase the temperature and time of exposure, t. The film can be completely absorbed into the embroidered product, and subsequently it will not adhere well to the base material. Then embroider the product to the main material. It is necessary to remove the paper and cut along the contour of the product, then attach the product to the place of gluing with the adhesive side down. Iron iron, strongly pressing, especially pay attention to the edges. The exposure time is approximately 10-20 seconds, at a temperature of 145-160C. Increasing the temperature reduces the exposure time. After gluing it is necessary to leave the product in a state of rest for 48 hours, for complete gluing. The temperature when washing the product should not exceed 95C.
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    I have been using My Editor for a while to save my designs in the correct format. I would like to use this program for editing, etc. Are there any more tutorials anywhere to follow as simply as the few you have shown?
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    I just noticed in your comments, about squinting to thread needles. 1. I place piece of white paper behind needle, eye is then visible and 2. there is a channel down front of needle, I cut thread at angle and gentle move it down this channel and it will slip right into the needle. Hope this helps :-)
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    Great, helpful information. Thanks for sharing
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    I am so lucky to have most of the above comments, it has taken about 2 years to get myself comfortable around this space. Have all my tools in plastic basket beside machine, my cutting table is now down to storage size and my laptop is on it. My threads are all in drawers, colour coded, my stabilisers are in arms reach and I have mobile wire drawers which the other day I finally stabilised the timber top with double sided tape and do my hooping there, it is great height, I have room to replace threads comfortably beside the 12 needle Happy, SO, I feel quite comfy and so does the machine. Thanks for your input above, could not find fault in any of your comments :-)
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    Thank you very much for interesting tutorials. I often look how other people make clothes, it is my hobby from 8 years old.
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    This one must be easy ) A good thing for a start.
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    I made that for children. Now I need to wait for a long time for grandchildren.)))
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    Last 10 years I don't use ruffles in my projects. All your articles are interesting very much. I got inspiration. ))) Thank you!
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    Wow. Das ist wirklich eine aufwändige Technik, die sich aber lohnt. Würde das auch mit einer kleinen stickmaschine gehen, oder nur mit so einem Profigerät?....Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Antje
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    Thank you for interesting article. P.S. I read it second time to refresh my memory. It is pitty I didn't find this wonderful site 2 years ago to make my first quilt.
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    Thank you for sharing! It looks very nice!
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    Thank you! It is a good idea to make a pin cushions in different shapes.
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    Thank you! I use similar way of hooping. In addition it is necessary contouring for embroidery design. Last time it was baby romper. Look at photo.
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    Thank you for your interest in our articles! Will you share the results with us? )
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    Hi Mila! I'm glad you like the article ) There is a link in it to our store where you can find a logo to your liking. We have lots of them ) The one in the article is there just for illustration.
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    Thank you very much! I have no any experience embroidering on such materials.
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    wunderschönes Design, aber welches ist das? Hat es einen Titel? Würde es mir gern kaufen. Die Beschreibung ist sehr gut. lg
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    Remind me to Never sit still at your house!!!!! "if it keeps still I will embroider it" Thumbs up for you!!!!
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    Would the same application apply, say if you wanted to decrease the design in size??
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    This is very useful information! It looks like a link is missing, though. Here's the text below the second paragraph...
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    also helpful is a whole page magnifier sheet very inexpensive about 1 dollar you can velcro it to machine if need be
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    Thank you. I enjoy reading your articles. They are very informative and I have learned a lot from them. Dee Davis
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    I have read to dissolve film is a little water and then paint it on and let it dry then peel off. I've never tried this but sounds a little better than the lumpy/bumpy results in trying to melt the pieces together.
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