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The Magic of Christmas in your projects

time to give gifts to friends and family
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Excellent stitches and original style

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Loving birds.. Wonderful designs, stitched out beautifully

Really cute, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs.
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Our designs looks great

Stitched out beautifully! Wonderful decoration!
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Adorable design. Stitches out beautifully.

"Thanks so much for this design It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
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    Version 1.0.0


    Batman free embroidery design. The design is 13cm x 10cm there abouts. Feel free to share this design. I have placed the original EMB design file for you to tinker with add names, resize. Lots of converting software will only allow you to resize a machine file 20% without messing the design up too much. With the EMB file you can resize it to any size. You could make it a full back design without detriment to the sew out. So Have fun
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    6X10 size folk flower motif, perfect for decorating household items or accessories. Pattern created with Embird and tested on a handbag
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    Version Any popular formats


    Be sure to use black or dark colored fabric. In this case, you get a look of original design. Embroidery looks great on a jacket or sofa cushion. Not dense. Size: 5.45 x 6.21' Author: EmbGallery
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the long awaited Stargate SG1 Earth arm patch, I might do the others not sure yet. I checked on the TV show, this left arm patch is quite large, it is 100mm there abouts. Please feel free to share the design with your friends. If you like my design from the TV show click on the like button and please leave a comment, let me know what you think, and how you will be using the arm patch. I look forward to hear from you all.
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    Version Any popular formats


    A cute corner made in a classic cross-stitch. Perfect decor for napkins. Embroidery is a good opportunity to make the interior of an apartment or house unique. It is also a good choice for Easter towels. Szie: 5.92 x 6.11' Author: EmbGallery
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    Version 1.0.0


    This design is the Vulcan script of the greeting and goodbye. "Live Long and Prosper". I have not stitched this design out yet iv'e not had time. So let me know how it goes. If you like my designs click on the like button and leave a comment. Don't forget to share my designs with your friends. Have fun and Live Long and Prosper.
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    Bin wie immer, sehr begeistert über deine Designer Qualitäten. Danke vielmals Passt so gut in die aktuelle Krisenzeit. Leb lang und sicher
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    Version 1.0.0


    Great design for decorating napkins or towels. Everyone loves classic cross-stitch. Your winter home will become more original and more beautiful with products that you made yourself. Size: 4.02 x 4.25" Author: EmbGallery
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    I am so sorry for you Mila, I know how you must be feeling. I had a hard drive die on me a few years ago and I lost loads of my children's baby photos. I would definitely contact wilcom support on their website and explain what happened. They may be able to shed some light on the situation. From past experience I now keep all my files on 3 usb flash drives as well as a copy on my laptop. Collecting designs and digitising designs takes a lot of time and effort. I would definitely recommend to make several copies in the future on separate devices. Again I am saddened you have had this problem. Keep your chin up they are only "Things" and can be replaced. All the best of luck. Dave.
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    This is a design created by Dave W. I enlarged it to fit my 7.10" hoop length. It sewed perfectly.
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    I ran the Live long and Prosper Vulcan lettering design, I just love the way it look. I enlarged it a bit to fill my hoop length of 7.10" and sewed it with light gray thread on the bottom of my jeans. It looks wonderful, Thanks so much Dave. Linda
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    If you right click on one of your design files and select "open with" then find the run file for your preferred software this will be an EXE file. Before you click on accept be sure to click on the box to set the software file as "default". This is only one way to revert back to your software there are also others. Good luck. Dave
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    When you installed it, did the install change all the design icons to the Truesizer? If so, right click on the file (design) and go to properties and change the icon back to the program you used to open your designs and hit apply. That will change them all back to the icon they were and they will open up in your preferred software.
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    Version Any popular formats


    Stylish design for decorating a denim jacket. The best choice is the back. This is a large empty area with lows of seams. Thread colors are better for contrasting. You can add rhinestones or beads. Size: 8.59 x 3.02" Author: EmbGallery
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    Super! Thank you very much! I like science fiction. This is a design without any season.
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    Sieht grossartig aus Danke vielmals für die schöne Datei
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    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 6.16 x 6.28"
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    Version any popular formats


    You can turn an ordinary napkin or towel into a wonderful gift for new settlers. This simple design is very useful for novice lovers of machine embroidery. Size: 4.85 x 4.92' Author: EmbGallery
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    We added this Vineyard vines embroidery design
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    Live Long and Prosper free embroidery design View File This design is the Vulcan script of the greeting and goodbye. "Live Long and Prosper". I have not stitched this design out yet iv'e not had time. So let me know how it goes. If you like my designs click on the like button and leave a comment. Don't forget to share my designs with your friends. Have fun and Live Long and Prosper. Submitter Dave W Submitted 03/14/2020 Category Science fiction  
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    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 9.84 x 7.84" Author: mila.lusika
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    Version dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vp3


    Size: 1.24 x 4.96" Author: mila.lusika
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    Lapdog design can be found in the photo stitch section. Thank you forum.embroideres.com for this design of a little terrier. Looks exactly like an old family pet. I just had to sew it out. Turned out so good as well. Thank you
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    Thanks for the support! I don’t worry, it is a waste of energy. This is not about me. I think what to do? If I succeed, I will definitely share my experience. Operating sistem is Windows 10. I will be glad for any advice and try all possible solutions. I think the most correct solution is to remove everything and reinstall the software and to re-download all the original embroidery files. It will take a lot of time. Unfortunately, the processed files and my own designs are lost.
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    Hi All - looking to get some polo shirts to do some small embroidery designs. Any suggestions about which type of polo shirt is best for this? Make / brand / material / source info would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    Waht size yoou need? Please specify.
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    I have PE design 8 with the 8.3 upgrade and I run it on Windows 10. I also use embird with iconizer. This should show my embroidery files as picture thumbnails in PE design but it doesn't. I have tried everything but I can't fix it. Can anyone help? I'll put what I've already done below. I bought a new computer (which meant having to move the programmes in the first place) so they are installed on a brand new environment. I was installing a PE design 8 upgrade but after speaking to Brother and explaining my problem they thought the upgrade might be causing it so the sent me a PE design 8 full copy so that's what's now installed. My embird was 2018 so I updated that to 2020 too. I also had a number of emails with Dusan Balara from Embird and followed his instructions but to no avail. If I look at my designs in Windows they all have picture thumbnails but they disappear in PE design. Very annoying. Any help very welcome.
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    OMG! Thank you so very much!!!! I didn't know if anyone read my request and I am so grateful you did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You just made my day!
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    Hi there! We are looking for a company logo in digitized format, probably in PES file. Can anyone help me to guide for right company for it.
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    Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 5.29 x 5.52'
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    Clothes repair: How to move a zipper to another side While sewing a pair of shorts or pants, a beginner tailor might easily, in the heat of work, make a mistake of attaching a zipper on the ‘men’s’ side instead of ‘women’s’ and vice versa. These shorts with a zipper on the ‘women’s’ came to me as the result of a young man’s hasty shopping. An unusual order resulted in a tutorial, which I’m now sharing with you. How to move a zipper to another side. Materials Shorts A sewing machine A zipper foot A spare zipper (if necessary) Threads and needles, scissors, a seam ripper How to move a zipper to another side. The work order This is how the shorts looked before I started working on them. I want to call your attention to the waistband; we’ll be making changes to it as well. A ready garment is not that different from a semi-finished one when it comes to preparation. You’ll need to get rid of unnecessary stitches and deconstruct the unit. Pick up a seam ripper and carefully deconstruct the whole thing. Don’t touch the cording or edge finishing made with a serger. Let’s proceed to the zipper. On the fly front guard there already is a line that will serve you as a guide for sewing a zipper. Baste the zipper to the wrong side. Install a zipper foot on your machine and stitch the zipper tape. Baste or pin the front fly extension to the other side of the tape and stitch. In order to prevent the pieces from getting nipped in the course of sewing, you may fold them in half and pin. On the right side of the garment, mark where the topstitch will run. Align the edge of the zipper unit with the edge of your garment. Stitch the parts together. Fold the zipper unit to the wrong side and topstitch along the edge from the lower to the upper edge. Edge stitch foot is your little helper here. Set the values according to your own taste. You can easily determine the stitch length by simply measuring it with a ruler on a ready item. Different embroidery machine models have different stitch settings; there is a lot written about them in the manual. It often has tables that help to quickly choose the right stitch and the values. Topstitch the fly guard along the drafted line. After that, join the free edge of the zipper tape and the garment. This is how my shorts looked like after I relocated the zipper. Stitch the lower part of the front seam under the topstitching line to the center point where the seams meet, one or two times. Join the parts with their wrong sides together, and topstitch on the right side (optional). All that’s left is to sew a waistband. In order to do it evenly, join the waistband and the garment, beginning at the center back. Evenly distribute the waistband, paying attention to where the side seams meet. If there are the belt loops, use them as guides. Stitch the waistband to the garment, then fold the waistband lining to the wrong side and topstitch along the lower edge or do the shadow seam. This will help to lower the burden on the first seam, and also to join the inner side of the waistband to the outer one. Sew the buttons back on. Compare the two photos. On the left are the shorts how they came to me, on the right — the shorts after I repaired them. This tutorial uses an unusual way of sewing a zipper. In the clothing repair shop where I saw it first, it was called ‘the quick one’ and was intended for speedy clothes repair. Original text by Irina Lisitsa
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    Jon, my experience with hats is pretty limited, but if you're still waiting for an answer... Not every machine could handle this and make sure to order the right loop. Better to ask your machine's dealer which one would be the best. When I decided to help my local club to make some capes, I ordered my Hoop-It-All from the shop where I purchased my machine because I had to make sure it would fit my machine. It wasn't cheap, but it works as a charm. If I am embroidering lettering I use a topping to lift the letters a little. And don't forget after attaching the hoop to your machine and get ready to start, to center the needle.
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    Version Any formats


    Please us black or dark blue background. Archive include two sizes; 3.28 x 3.91 and 3.99 x 4 77. Color chart attached..
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    Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    Size: 3.94 x 3.28'
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    Version Any formats: dst, exp, p


    A set of designs for fans of teddy bears and various plush toys. Ideal and very practical option to create pots and various products for a newborn. You can make a blanket or a small pillow. And you can decorate a bath set and add the name of the baby. The application allows you to significantly save on materials while expanding into the creative possibilities. A teddy teddy bear is an opportunity to find out the quality of our products without spending your money. Sizes: 12.82 x 7.75' and 7.89 x 10.27'
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    This is pretty embroidered napkin executed in cold color scheme. It has very well elaborated an elegant design. Its border is funny picture of little elephant. It is Elephant with tine flower bud embroidery design. Figure of this pretty little animal is added by two butterflies. Together they make beautiful composition that will be definitely liked by little son or daughter.
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    Super! I have no other words! My compliments to autor. Thank you very much!
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    living like cats and dogs is not so bad you see
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    Original text by: Katya Ebber Your hoop is not one-size-fits-all. You become acutely aware of it when you need to embroider lace ribbons or edgings. This master-class will tell you how to align machine embroidery designs with lace so that the joining places could not be seen. This master-class shows working in the embroidery design software (creation of the alignment crosses), and also the embroidery process. Preparing the design in Embird Load a chosen machine embroidery design into Embird. Add the alignment stitches and half stitches at the top and the bottom of the design. Copy and flip them vertically. Having added the alignments stitches, change the order of steps in the embroidery, dragging the objects in the objects bar, and also change their color. The main objects should be located between the top and the bottom alignment stitches. Click 'Paste' in the toolbar. In the pop-up list choose 'Basting' and define the stitch length. After you click 'OK' the guide stitch will be added to specify the design's position in the hoop. How to align machine embroidery designs properly Load the prepared design into your embroidery machine and embroider the first color, according to the chart you added in the software. Hoop the water soluble stabilizer and embroider the first design (001). Alignment stitches are embroidered with the last color of the design. They will be used as marks for linking this part of the design with the next. Having embroidered the first design, trim away the water soluble stabilizer near the embroidery. Hoop water soluble stabilizer again and embroider first two colors of the design (the guide stitch and the alignment crosses). Remove the hoop from the machine and add a thin layer of spray adhesive. Using a short pin, join the center marks of the alignment crosses on the embroidery parts and on the water soluble stabilizer. Do the alignment stitches without the thread to check if the hooping went right. If all the crosses and stitches match, begin the embroidery. If the alignment crosses do not match, repeat the alignment process as mentioned above. This method is good for many items where you need to embroider a repetitive pattern. We have embroidered lace today, but if you need to do the edging of the table cloth or curtain, this method will work just as good. Use tearaway non-adhesive stabilizer for fabrics.
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    No problem attach picture what you like. Also you can us our customer digitizng service Custom digitizing order request a quote Cheers
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    Please click product page Seahawks 12th man machine embroidery design After that click Color Chart button and choose your palette.
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    This embroidery logo realizes. Please AC Cobra logo machine embroidery design
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    Realized Fries King machine embroidery design
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