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    PFAFF Creative 1.5. I am satisfied with my machine very much and found with it common language. )))
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    I try to help you, but I don't know file format you need. Here is files in vp3 and second vp4 size 200x280 and 240x150 mm house20x28.vp3 house200x280.vp4 house240x150.vp4 house24x15.vp3
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    Thank you very much! It is interesting. Pitty that my biggest hoop is 15x24 cm. I can try to minimise it and make a little bag for 2 years old girl.
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    Wieder sehr verständlich erklärt. Vielen Dank
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    Love this design! What a great project
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    Thank you very much for interesting tutorials. I often look how other people make clothes, it is my hobby from 8 years old.
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    Thank you, but it's not me, it's the author of the article ) I'm the translator.
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    Wieder ganz toll erklärt. Das bekommt jetzt auch ein Anfängerprima hin
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    Thank you very much! It is some new for me, because I never before made kitchen accessories.
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    Thank you very much for interesting tutorials. One day, I will be brave to share my sewing and decorating experience.
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    This is stunning. So excited to try. Is this particular lace design available to purchase - its the prettiest edging Ive ever seen.
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    It is interesting. I hope this hobby has a lots enthusiastic followers.
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    WOW! It's wonderful!!!! Thank you for a good idea. I haven't "scan and cut " machine, but it's always possible to do that with other tools. Thank you very much!
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    Last 10 years I don't use ruffles in my projects. All your articles are interesting very much. I got inspiration. ))) Thank you!
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    At webshops sites are only informations about what for to use it and almost never how to use. Thank you very much!
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    Fantastisch erklärt und dargestellt. Trotzdem ist es bestimmt nicht so einfach so eine aufwendige Technik zu beherrschen. Meine Hochachtung und lieben Dank!!!
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    It is a good idea. Self made decoration for any celebrating - what can be better?
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    Thank you for an interesting tutorials.
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    Thank you! My machine doesn't recognize file if I copy file without opening it.
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    Knowledge is never superfluous. All explanations are simple and clear. Thank you very much!
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    So toll erklärt. Da wird auch jeder Anfänger zum Profi. 5 Sterne und lieben Dank
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    It's nice winter project. Thank you very much for new knowledge and design.
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    Wow. Das ist wirklich eine aufwändige Technik, die sich aber lohnt. Würde das auch mit einer kleinen stickmaschine gehen, oder nur mit so einem Profigerät?....Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Antje
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    I have not experience in this technics and they are totally new for me. You have a talent to explain any difficult things in easy way. Thank you very much!
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    que bonitos y elegantes y la explicación de como hacerlos excelente, muchas gracias
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    Good idea. May be, I'll make something like that special for X-mas. Thank you!
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    Thank you! Such small things make our life colourful.
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    Wieder ganz super erklärt. Und am Ende kommt so etwas zauberhaftes heraus. Vielen lieben Dank, Antje
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    Funny embroidery design.))) And a good idea. Thank you!
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    I like both. It is dependant of what I embroider and size of working space. Mostly I glue it to the tear-away stabilizer with temporary spray, because it is easiest.
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    Sorry, I don't know. I'm not the author of the articles, just the translator.
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    Thank you! It is just in time for me. ))) My daughter asked me about possibility of embroidering on leather.
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    Thank you! It is interesting.
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    Thank you for interesting article. P.S. I read it second time to refresh my memory. It is pitty I didn't find this wonderful site 2 years ago to make my first quilt.
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    Thank you for sharing! It looks very nice!
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    Thank you! I use similar way of hooping. In addition it is necessary contouring for embroidery design. Last time it was baby romper. Look at photo.
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    Muy buena técnica, y muy bien explicada, la voy a poner en práctica pues creo que facilita mucho el trabajo, Muchas gracias
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    Great idea i would say! Check out work and found new patterns embroidered designs files! Feel free to check.
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    Thank you for your interest in our articles! Will you share the results with us? )
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    Thank you! Some inspiration for me. I have tools, but never have used them. Thank you!
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    Thank you for your attention. I meant not logo, but sewing pattern for making a ball. ))) I can make it, but it takes about 1 hour. I am too busy. ))) Thank you one more time. Your articles are always clear and informative.
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    Hi Mila! I'm glad you like the article ) There is a link in it to our store where you can find a logo to your liking. We have lots of them ) The one in the article is there just for illustration.
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    Oh, I'm glad I found the right English word ) It took some time )
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    Drawing new and unique patterns is what embroidery is famous for. Your article has given new ideas for creating patterns.
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