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    Heart-shaped pincushion with a finish

    Heart-shaped pincushion with a finish

    Let’s create a heart-shaped pincushion with decorative stitches as a gift for your fellow embroiderer. In the course of this tutorial, I used the stitches from Brother Innov-is 1E sewing and embroidery machine's memory.

    Pink heart-shaped pincushion with decorative stitches

    Heart-shaped pincushion. Materials

    • A sheet of paper
    • Pink fabric
    • Underlay
    • Sewing or embroidery threads
    • Quilting and sewing needles
    • Padding (quilting cotton, chlorofibre, etc.)
    • Tearaway embroidery stabilizer

    Spools of embroidery threads of various colors

    Heart-shaped pincushion. Sewing

    Select a decorative stitch on your embroidery machine. Make a “sandwich” out of your stabilizer, fabric, and underlay.

    Brother Innov stitch selection

    Pink fabric and stitcky stab

    If your underlay has a sticky side, glue it to the fabric.

    Ironing pink fabric and a stab

    Stitch the “sandwich” with decorative stitches, leaving 1–1.5 cm between them.

    Decorative stitch on pink fabric

    Rows of decorative stitches on pink fabric

    Brother Innov-is V7 has lots of decorative stitches; one can find a suitable kind of stitch for any project or even create their own via My Custom Stitch. We’ll cover the latter issue in one of our future articles. Keep your eye on our updates!

    Many-colored stitches on pink fabric

    Many-colores stitches on pink fabric: closer look

    Pink fabric with rows of decorative stitches

    Draw a heart on the sheet of paper or use a ready template. Fold the drawing in half, with its right side inside. Trace the outline onto the fabric. For a hanger, you can cut a piece of band or cord and attach it to the heart’s center. Stick the pin through, using it as a marker for attaching the band.

    Heart-shaped pattern and pink ribbon with hearts

    Red ribbon with hearts on pink fabric

    A red hanger with hearts

    With your band/cord pinned, select the triple stitch on your machine and set the stitch length to 2.5 mm. Stitch along the outline.

    Heart-shaped outline on pink fabric and a pin

    Pink fabric with a heart-shaped outline under presser foot

    Red heart-shaped outline on embroidered fabric

    While joining the parts, don’t forget to leave an opening for turning out and stuffing. Cut the fabric close to the stitched line. Turn it the right side out. Use a peg or something like it at the corners.

    Pincusion wrong side

    A pink pincushion and a peg

    A not yet stuffed pink pincushion

    Stuff the heart with the padding of your choice, then sew the opening with a blind stitch.

    Pincushion being staffed

    The opening of the stuffed pincushion

    A heart-shaped pincushion is ready!

    A heart-shaped pink pincushion with decorative stitches

    Original text by Irina Lisitsa

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