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  • How to position the embroidery design on the item

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    Original text by: Marina Belova 

    There are rules for everything in the world. There is also a set of rules that makes embroiderer's life easier whenever he or she needs to position the design on the item. For it is at times easier to follow an internationally established guideline and not to rack one's brains to find the place where the embroidery will look best. It works good in case there is no need to create a highly unusual design that may demand departing from the rules. 

    Pictures below demonstrate the general rules of embroidery design placement: 



    Duvet covers and top bed sheets 


    Left chest 




    Center chest on garments 


    Turtleneck collar 


    Handkerchiefs, blankets, napkins 




    Left chest under pocket 


    Left chest on polo shirt 


    Back on a polo shirt or an ordinary shirt 









    An item

    Where to place the embroidery

    Polo shirts

    Left chest, centered 17.5-22.5 cm below the shoulder seam or 10-12.5 cm from shirt center. You can also embroider the name on the front, and the surname — on the back of the shirt. In this case the surname on the left should be mirrored to the name


    Left chest, 17.5-22.5 cm below the shoulder seam, centered between T-shirt center and the side seam or 10-15 cm from T-shirt center.


    Centered 2.5 cm above pocket or 10-12 mm below edge of pocket, centered between left and right seams, or centered on pocket

    Shirt front (a very small monogram on the placket)

    Design is positioned on placket between 2nd and 3rd buttons, centered between left and right seams.

    Shirt back

    12.5 cm below the collar bottom, centered between left and right seams

    Shirt front

    Left chest, 17.5-22.5 cm below shoulder seam, centered between placket and side seam or 7.5-12.5 cm from shirt center.

    Cuff (a very small monogram)

    Only the left cuff is embroidered — 3.5 cm to the left from buttonhole (or 2.5-3.0 cm from the cuff center). The lower edge of a design should be 0.6-0.7 cm higher than the edge of the cuff. A monogram should be visible in wear.

    Jacket front

    Left chest side 16-20 cm below left shoulder seam and 10 cm from center

    Jacket back

    17.5-22.5 cm below shoulder seam, centered between side seams

    Women jacket

    2.5 cm to the side from buttonhole and 0.6-0.7 cm above its top


    On the collar between left shoulder seam and collar center so that the embroidery is on the outside 10-12 cm from the fold


    Left chest, 17.5-22.5 cm below shoulder seam and 7.5-12.5 cm from the center or in the middle between the center of the sweater and side seam. On women sweaters the design may be moved 5 cm higher Or placed in the center


    Left chest, 17.5-22.5 cm below shoulder seam and 7.5-12.5 cm from the center.


    On the leg 10-12 cm from turn-up seam and 2.5 cm from side seam


    5 cm above the necktie's end


    Centered 10 cm above edge


    10-12 mm from upper edge


    Centered 10 cm below upper edge


    In the center


    10-15 below left shoulder seam, centered between flap and side seam


    Left chest, 17.5-22.5 cm below left shoulder seam and 7.5-12.5 cm from center


    3-3.5 cm from point of corner, sewn diagonally

    Hand towel

    5 cm above hem or 3.5-4 cm above border

    Bath towel

    10 cm above hem or 3.5-5 cm above border

    Bath sheet

    12.5 cm above hem or 6-7.5 cm above border

    Beach towel

    12.5 cm above hem or 6-7.5 cm above border


    7.5 cm from point of corner, sewn at the angle of 45°


    7.5 cm from upper right corner, sewn diagonally

    Table cloth

    12.5 cm from point of corner, sewn diagonally

    Top bed sheet

    Lower right corner or on wide hem 5 cm below the fold. If a bed sheet has shams, you can place the design on them

    Pillow case

    In the center If the opening is on the side, the design is centered on it. If a pillow has shams, it is possible to place the design in the center of every one of them.


    20-25 cm from point of lower corner, sewn diagonally

    Decorative pillow case

    Centered on pillow case


    10 cm from the bottom centered left to right or centered on the bag

    Of course, the numbers mentioned may vary. This happens because the size of the items differ. 

    And keep in mind the most basic rule: measure thrice and embroider once. 

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