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If you are an old player or just a newbie to the embroidery industry, you must know how important embroidery hoops are for your embroidery machines. At the same time, it can be so tiring to screw the old traditional hoops trying to fit your fabric well, and it still ends up damaging the fabric. Don’t worry, we are here to introduce you to magnetic hoops. They can be a real game-changer for a machine embroidery enthusiast.
A magnetic embroidery hoop is an embroidery hoop that uses durable magnetic material to securely hold your embroidery fabric in place while you work. The magnets are embedded in the two halves of the hoop, and they attract each other to hold the fabric securely in place. This makes it much easier to keep the material tight even while embroidering, due to strong magnetic hoops and the magnetic force generated.

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The two parts of the hoop just "stick" together, because of magnets.  Kind of clamp the material between them.  Lot of them for sale.  There are also magnets available to kind of "float" your material inside your hoops too.  I had bad luck with those type....

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