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Loading Designs into a Janome 350E

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I spend hours trying to get a reproducible method of downloading a design I have bought turning it into a Jef format  and transferrin to a USB stick

that can be read in my machine. I`m using the Data 7 viewer and the Data 7 converter both of which seem to be operating fine with the designs appearing in them..  I make sure the formatted stick first goes into the machine and an EMB5  bit added. Must the machine fomat the stick first or can I do this first?

There are some days adding to the EMB5 works ,others I must load to the MY Design and the others when neither loads in to the 350E

If I get one design in I can`t add another. How variable are these USB sticks? Must you always add and unplug with the machine off?

Most replies to these type of problems is to make sure you are putting them into the correct location but I`ve tried all and logging the results.

There must be a easy 1 2 3 ..method that  works each time and is available.  The Janome info is hopelessly limited.

Any help appreciated. 




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Emb5 only accepts folders with design not a single design. My designs is for single design no folder. Think of the usb stick as a filling cabinet. 

Usb= cabinet

Emb5=drawer (for folders, is NOT a folder itself )

My designs folder= embroidery designs

If a design isn't in a folder it's like a paper put into filing cabinet with no folder, it gets lost.

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