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Digitizing, also known as punching, is the process of redrawing artwork into a digital code that can be read by a computerized embroidery machine.  Digitizing defines the type of stitches used by the embroidery machine, Types of stitches includes running, satin and fills.

This digital code provides instructions to the embroidery machines operating system, which in turn, tells the machine's pantograph how to move the frame while it is being stitched.

A skilled digitizing artist uses embroidery digitizing software to interpret your artwork into a digital embroidery pattern.  She, in essence, redraws the artwork and maps out the plan how the artwork will be stitched, the underlay that will be used and in what order and type of stitching.  This will also vary depending on the type of fabric to be stitched on.

It is very important to have your design digitized correctly so the logo will stitch out beautifully.


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It is a method of transforming an artwork into an embroidery with the help of embroidery machine. Artwork may include logo of your business on caps, apparels, blazers and many more. In other, words digitizing is the method of converting your image or logo into the language that machine understands. An absolute digitizing can be done using proper machine and stabilizer. 


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