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Help with choosing needles & stabilizer

Guest Cerise518

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Guest Cerise518

I am still an embroidery beginner and just upgraded to a Brother PE 770 from a Brother SE 400.  I've mainly made felt appliqués which are pretty easy and haven't required any special stabilizer/needle combos.  I'm really trying to make sure I am using the right materials for the right applications now that I want to do more, but am struggling to find good information and see mixed advice when I just search online.  The machine came with four 75/11 needles and one 90/14, but no instructions on when to use them or with what fabrics.  I plan to do mostly embroidery on knit clothing like interlock or jersey and sometimes denim or fleece.  After reading lots of advice and websites about embroidering on knits, I bought Floriani No-Show Mesh Fusible Cutaway, which says it will handle 6,000-8,000 stitches and can be cross layered to support double that amount of stitches.  Of course after I purchased it and looked at many of the files I want to use I see that the designs are very dense and many have between 15,000-40,000 stitches, so I am worried about either not adding enough stabilizer or overdoing it if I add several more layers.  I also have the water soluble film to place on top for thick fabrics and the tear away kind (which I haven't been impressed with) in my stash.  I had mostly good luck doing two layers of the mesh and a film topper when sewing on fleece (once I tightened my top thread tension), but it was only 13,000 stitches.  Some forums mention floating tear away under the hooped fabric & mesh or only hooping the stabilizer and using spray adhesive to hold the fabric to it, but I feel like leaving some things loose will lead to something shifting or getting caught since none of the supplier recommend doing them. 

My other confusion is on the right needles.  Some places say to use only ball point needle on knits, as when sewing.  Others say the 75/11 is fine and it's unclear if a standard ball point needle is ok or there's some special embroidery version (I haven't seen any locally).  I purchased Schmetz Gold Embroidery Needles because they said that have a light ball point for embroidery on most fabrics on the package, but on their site they say they are for wovens, so I'm even more confused now.  I have a mix of Sulky & Gutermann embroidery threads (40 weight) and 90 weight bobbin thread that came with my machine.  It's very frustrating trying to figure out what to get - I don't want to waste more money buying supplies I don't need or precious materials & clothing on the wrong combinations because I just don't know what I should be doing.  Advice from those with experience would be very appreciated!    

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