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I ordered a few logos and the BMW Free Logo.  I noticed that the black circle (first color) is not filled in - (it looks like netting).  Is there a way to change this so that it is completely filled in like the rest.
The 2 sizes I received: bmwv2.ART and bmwv3.ART are both the same sizes.
One more question - is it possible to resize this to about 3" x 3"?  Will pay
Thank You

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No problem we add filled variant today. You can see this if you back to website and choose order history. New file have name bmwm.*.

About art format (Bernina) bmwv2.ART and bmwv3.ART - same files saved in different version of Art format. Version 2 and Version 3..

About resize. We can mad this as experiment without warranty of quality. If you told yes. We send via e-mail.

All this service is free.


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Thank You for getting back to me.
When you have time, could you please resize the BMW logo to about 3" x 3".  I think it would be fun to put on a shirt and the original size is just a bit too big for me.
Thank you.  -  I know you said no charge for resizing - but please feel free to charge me something.

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Thank you so much again for sending me the Resized BMW logo.  I am so sorry to be such a pain - but could you please fill in the black circle - where the netting is.  You had done this for before on the larger BMW logos and it looks great.
Again - if you need to charge me ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

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