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Lack of Charles Dana Gibson and Harrison Fisher images

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I'm surprised at the total dearth of images of American illustrators, Charles Dana Gibson and Harrison Fisher.  The beauty of the art is screaming to be stitched!  I just bought PE Design 10, and have tried to create some files, but I'm not doing very well at all.  I'm searching for someone in the Tacoma WA area that's a real expert that could give me some instructions, which I will be only too happy to pay for.  If any of you know of any photo stitch embroidery patterns of either of these artists, I'd love to hear about it.  I'm aware of a very few available from Advanced-embroidery-designs.com, but other than that, my internet searches have failed to produce any results.  I'm sure you're aware of who Gibson and Fisher are,  but just in case, here's a couple of images to illustrate the artists I'm referring to.


Harrison Fisher 1.jpg

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