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PE Design digitising from IMAGE

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I have PE Design and can import pictures, objects etc by using the Image option. But it always seems to put a square etc around the picture which then becomes part of the embroidery stitch. How do I remove this and just have the actual shape of the picture. For example I want to embroider the outline of a feather. I can import the feather with Image, but it has a square around the feather.

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Hi Janet,

Have written out roughly what I was taught to do = if you can import your image, select your photo stitch (I use photo 1)

I think this is where you may be getting to then having a problem - click on left square bottom left of screen, & now your square will have small box on each corner. At this stage you can click on any part of the square and drag it to edge of object ie  feather. Keep doing this until you have surrounded your picture to your satisfaction. Click NEXT.

You should now have the picture only in a box, - click NEXT

You now have picture on right of screen & settings & colours on left. Go 1/2 way down left side to SEWING OPTIONS adjust "SEWING OPTION" to FINE. adjust  "RUN PITCH" to 2mm. You may now choose whether you want to sew the background of photo if you have one or to outline your photo MASK. I mostly use neither (untick boxes) In this screen you can also play with the colour selection or when you have it on your machine. Click "FINISH"

GO back to START button (purple  flower) select "SAVE AS" name your project image then select "EXPORT" bottom of options then SAVE. Now you need to send to your USB 1/2{ way across on top of your screen} [machine icon with send = sew CLICK. Select USB MEDIA  Will depend on which port you have your usb. DON'T SEND TO YOUR = PE DESIGN 10  USB

You should now be able to put your USB into sewing machine and select you project. Good luck if you still can't work it out message me and I will try to help further. I know how frustrating it is when you have problem with the design . 

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