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I like to buy my first machine and it's hard to know Wich one is my best choice. I saw in Alibaba the Chinese market and I can have a new machine for 3000.00 us plus shipping but I see when I surch a bit, the Chinese machine there quality and service is really poor, so I put that side in garbage. After I see a couple of company suppose to be good, Ricoma, Tajima, Happy, Fiesta and Buradan. The price of those are around 13 000.00 cdn plus taxes so around 15000 cdn with taxes. 

I live in Quebec, Canada so I don't know which one to take and think now is a lot of money and I'm not sure If I have to buy it because I'm not sure if I'll made enough money to pay the machine.

What do you think? Wich machine is better and is it possible to made enough money to pay a machine like that?

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Hope that's not too late to prevent the catastrophe.
Francois, don't. Buy. A machine. From Alibaba! Try local vendors first so you could contact them easily. As a new user you'll have plenty of questions and w/o proper support it would be such a pain to deal with your first projects.
From my experience, Brother is the easiest to learn. I believe it was the first brand to produce a home embroidery machine. So if you can find almost any of these in Quebec, it might be your best option.
Good luck!

Where buy embroidery machine

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If it is stile relenant. I was looking for an embroidery machine recently as well. I was planning to embroid my own designs on some presents for my family and friends for this Christmas. I couldn't choose because there is a bunch of choices. Finally, I found a website with an article where machines are explained and pros and cons are pointed. I chose Brother SE600 embroidery machine because it is a reasonable price and suits beginners, it is not that hуavie as well so I can take it upstairs in my bedroom. I've already done some designs on a new jacket for my nephew. And I am planning to do 4 hats for best friends.

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