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Hi Ramages

Could you attach to your post the PXF file of a sample design showing the problem?  You could also send the embroidery design me and I will take a look.  One thing I do know is that a chenille machine will trim if there are any jumps in the design.  Even one jump will cause the chenille machine to trim.  I should know more after seeing the design.


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I would need to know the exact settings of each block to give you a for certain answer, however I can tell you that Bills comment about the jump is very accurate.  One thing you might check is to the command tab of the send a subsequent blocks to make sure that the "Omit Chenille command" box is checked" This will reduce the number of programmed block entries provided each block is of the same stitch type, and stitch height.  There are some work around to this problem but they are not for the faint of heart and do require great attention to detail and usually involve some stitch editing.  Feel free to contact me privately  if you desire to discuss this further.  I gun both the TMCE 601 and TCMX 601 cheniille machines.

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Hello All,

we are a small company in germany, now he have a chenille machine TCMX-0601. But in germany the chenille embroidery is not so pupular. So I must learn it by myself... terrible.

Can anyone send me one or two sample programs for chenille. Because I think I can learn when I see.......

We have two NEO's one TFMX with sequin and a GEMFIX. Our program is Maestro.

Have a nice day.

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