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Looking for advice, starting home business

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Hello all! I currently run a home business but would like to expand the products I offer with embroidery. I purchased a Brother PE800 to kind of get my feet wet, and I have made a few unstructured hats with it using a custom built hat hoop I purchased off Etsy. I love the machine and feel comfortable using it.

However, this fall I would like to invest in a multi needle machine to be able to embroider on a larger scale, and on structured hats. Specifically company logos.

Can anyone recommend a machine? I have done some research myself but always rather ask others with more experience directly. Would like to stay around or under $5,000 if possible.

Can some also recommend the best digitizing software to go with the said machine? I've been thinking about purchasing Stitchartist level 1 and 2 but have held off because I've been paying someone else to digitize a few things for me. I'd like to learn to do it myself, though.

Thank you!

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Hey bro, if you are looking for a good multi-needle machine, I can suggest you the Baby Lock Venture Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine. This machine has good quality and additional features, but the price is higher compared with the smaller models. I bought mine for 3500$ at the Christmas sales last year. If it's a little expensive for you, you can approach the business capital for business credit

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