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I have created my own recipe for Microfiber shirts.  It really all depends on size of the lettering.  For most small lettering, I use the Perpendicular underlay, 1 or 2 passes, depending on column width and a pull comp of .3 millimeters.  If my column width is over 1.5 millimeters, then I will use the Contour underlay.  Sometimes I use the zig zag underlay along with it, depending on the column width, style of letter and of course the height of the letter

For backing I use 2 layers of No show cutaway backing and 1 layer of crisp tearaway backing.  This helps to hold the lettering flat and gives it great stability.  I use a topping for the micro fiber also and of course, 70/10 ball point needles. 

I hope that this helps you mmoore14  I have had great success with it.

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