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I'm trying to embroider on the side of a baseball cap. When I looked the the cap hoop instructions it said I need a different needle plate. I've looked thru my stuff for it without success. Is this something I need to order, or did one come with the embroidery machine? Also, how do I turn the cap hoop once it's on the embroidery machine so I can embroider the logo on the side? I have a Tajima TEJT-C Neo, with a single head. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Your machine either cam with a 2 plate system (caps and flats) or a universal plate which is geared to work with both. If it came with a universal it???s likely there is no second plate to use even if you want to ??? it may not have been made.
Once you have the cap on the machine you???d rotate the unit as if you were moving the design over in a regular hoop. Do you know how to do that? If not, pull out your manual for the instructions. I don???t have a Neo so the control panel is not one I know very well.

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Did your machine come with 2 plates?  Check with your salesperson to see if it’s the universal system or the 2 plate system. On neos, I’m not sure they make 2 plates.  My ’99 machine came with two even though the universal was available.  On many machines now they don’t offer two plates at all – only the universal, and you may have that as your  only option. 


Go onto the Hirsch site if you want to research that way and look at the needle plates.  You’ll see a flat plate is pretty much flat with only a little rise on it, a cap plate has a nipple on it and a universal is a cross between the two.  Look up Universal and see if your plate looks like that.

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