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Hello community,

I am a complete novice, but I have been doing lots of research, reading, watching tutorials and videos informing myself on embroidery machines. 

However, I cannot figure out which machine to buy. I know I would like it to have at least a 10" x 6" or 260 x 160 mm embroidery area, since I would be making relatively large designs on hoodies/sweatshirts. If anyone could let me know of an embroidery machine and it's corresponding (or compatible) software that would let me digitize my own designs, it would be very much appreciated. I'd be looking at a budget of about 1700 EUR or 1500 GBP. 

I was looking at the Brother Innovis 870SE, so if anyone has any opinions on that machine it would also be appreciated.

Thank you. 

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Your machine no matter what brand will only be as good as the technician that services it.  Find a dealer as close to you as possible that has a a really good technician with a reasonable turn around time and offer free classes, If possible ask the technician's advice on what they would recommend.  Buy the  best machine you like and can afford with the largest hoop that comes with the machine.  I personally favour Husqvarnas and Pfaffs but there are plenty of other machines that others swear is the best so following these guidelines go test whatever machines fall into the parameters above. 

Best wishes & Good Hunting

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