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I've been having problems with the Sierra 11 version.  Just a simple opening up of a .dst file will cause it to freeze up and all I get is a small cross-hatch cursor, so I cannot even close out of the program.  I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close the program down.

When I do get a file to open, (a .DSG I cannot get it to sew out in 3D.  Does anyone else have these problems?

Thanks for any input.

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Sounds like it might be a RAM issue. How much do you have? Has doing a defrag helped? Sierra embroidery office is a large program and takes a lot of memory to operate. Sierra Office  I would think would need all your computer vitals. We all have different computers and each act differently. Send them a email and include your OS, RAM, Processor and hard drive info.

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I think they are having problems with Sierra Embroidery Office 11 so hopefully it will be resolved soon.
I'd use Sierra ERA until. I have Sierra ERA but do most all my work in the older 10. Too many bells and whistles (options) in Sierra ERA for me to contend with. I'm just a simple guy. A lot of what you see on my site was done with a board that's how simple I am. :o)

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If you are having a problem with the software freezing, can you check under Preferences-VideoCard Settings-Video hardware acceleration ?  I would like to know what your setting is for numbers is (0 3).  If you are using 3, can you let me know what type of video card your computer has and the operating system (XP / Vista / Windows 7).

Slow Drawing in 3D is not available when using option 3.

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I set my software to Default and under 1, I put automatic. It  still froze up bringing in a .dst file. I then set in Video card setting it to Enable Anti-aliasing (no) The Renderer was grayed out. 3 was set to manual, maximum (3) Still froze up. Next will be Enable Anti-aliasing (yes) and (automatic) for the  acceleration  THAT WORKED!
I guess I will try out a few more machine embroidery designs, but at least it didn't freeze up. I'm running XP, I can't find the information on the video card yet (I'm not a geek), but I do have dual monitors hooked up to the same computer.
Hope this helps

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