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For whatever reason I haven???t figured out the trick to embroidering on webbing. One of these days I???ll make it a priority.
In the meantime I have a friend who wants 2 6 ft leads (black) with "bright??? embroidery that says ???We???re both adopted!??? In time for Christmas would be awesome, but I suspect shortly thereafter would be acceptable too.
If you do this and are willing, please send pricing and contact info so I can forward to her. THANKS!!!

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embroidering on dog collars  works well, I use 24cm hoop to fit dogs's name and owners mobile number.  On tearaway backing mark centre then rule a line across 1/2 the width of collar away,  place the collar with lower edge on line and put a couple of small head dressmakers pins on lower edge only. If pins are in the top edge you risk hitting them with the heel of presser foot. A strip of Sticky tape across hoop helps you centre it over the collar to get correct positioning. Press on hoop and away you go.

Hope this helps

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Not sure I quite understand how you described the hooping process. I know that's probably a trade secret so I don't suppose I could get you to expound a little? ;) Also how thick are the collars you are embroidering? We had a golden retriever and his collar was a good quarter inch thick or more.

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I haven't tried embroidery on Dog leashes yet, but I have embroidery on to the straps for hockey bags. I use the hoop tech clamps 7.5 x 3 and use a couple extra black paper clips to hold the hoop firmly on the material and it works for me. I would check at your local pet stores for a canvas leash as long as its not too thick, or... Embroider on to a piece of leather and sew it to the leash.

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No trade secret, lol.   Put lower part of hoop on bench then tearaway backing on top, place collar or leash across positioning in center (that's why I draw the line on the backing so it is straight) the pins just stop it from moving but they have to be out of the way of the presser foot. Once you are happy with the position press on the top section of the hoop and check again that the leash is sitting where your machine is going to sew. On a 3 cm wide collar I am using 1 cm lettering,  quarter inch is about  6mm just over half a cm. My machine does it easily but might depend on the density of the webbing. emotion-1.gif

I will have to check out the clamps that Frank suggested. hope this helps. A

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